SHCC-Round 215 - Dog Attack

Hello friends.

I'm not a wizard or a magician, I'm just learning to be one.

This is my application for the contest Shadow Hunters Community Contest-Round 215 by @melinda010100


Hello, shadow lovers and shadow hunters!
Spring is gaining momentum in our region. My walks in the bosom of nature have become more frequent. But today, during my visit to my beloved lake, I was attacked by dogs. No, it ended well. Dogs are puppies about 2-3 months old. And they just barked at me and kept at a distance of 10 meters. They seemed so funny to me. And most importantly, they gave beautiful shadows on the snow on a sunny morning.
After the photoshoot, I asked the person who works next to this lake - where did these puppies come from? He replied that 2 dogs live in the forest - a male and a bitch, so they give offspring every year. He also said that initially 4 puppies were running, and now only three are visible.


At first they ran at me very aggressively and barked menacingly at the same time! But then they stopped when they saw that I wasn't afraid of them and started thinking. They didn't know what to do now? They took turns barking at me and periodically moved.



I really liked this puppy. For some reason, his muzzle resembled a fox's muzzle. And the look is very attentive.





What will happen next with these puppies? What awaits them ahead?
They look very well-fed, healthy babies.
But as I understand it, they will no longer be able to live at someone's house! They are free animals, they do not know at all that it is possible to live in one particular place and obey their master. They are like wild animals that have grown up in the wild and are practically not subject to taming, if only kept in a cage or on a chain.

And this is their mom. It is likely that she had a previous owner, but for some reason she became a stray dog. She stayed away from me and hid among the trees. It is clear that she knows that a person can hurt her. And the puppies do not know this yet, but they also do not go to the hands. Yes, it also says that puppies do not starve, do not beg for food.

This story would be a lot of fun if it wasn't so sad!

I give 5% of the reward to @archon, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?
I give 5% of the reward to @hive-166168, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?

I wish you all a successful hunt for shadow and reflection

I wish everyone happiness for life and good luck for every day.

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