My Entry - Shadow Hunter / SMASh Contest - Round 225: Shadow of Road Sign-Parking Area Sign

Hallo..shadow hunter friends, see you again @abizahid. It's great to be able to contribute again to this wonderful community, and I hope you are all in good health.

That afternoon at around 16.15 pm as usual I went to Sukma Bangsa Lhokseumawe School to pick up my wife from teaching, my wife is a high school teacher at the school. Once arriving at the Sukma Bangsa school, every visitor is required to park their vehicle in the space provided by the school. There are road signs that show directions that can guide us to get to the parking area. Since the weather was quite hot at the time, I could see a pitch black shadow appearing over the road from the road sign.





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This is my twenty-first entry in the #shadowhunters community, hosted by @melinda010100.

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LocationLhokseumawe - Indonesia
Camera UsedRedmi Note 7
Flash ModeNo Flash
DiprosesMobile Lightroom
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