Splinterlands Giveaway #54 and checkout the ATX liquidity pool

This weekly post is a casual place for new people to Hive to connect, comment and learn the basics. I have a few token tips I can hand out as well. Let me know if you have any questions I am happy to help where I can.

To participate in this give away, all you need to do is comment.

To be in for a chance to win comment below:

Rule 1 - Comment any thing below with your Splinterlands @{username}

This week's winner will get a Merdhampir.

Even though this card is a cheap common card you still need a lot of them to combine and level up, and every bit of card power helps with your progress.

If you do not play splinterlands I will send some other LOL, LUV or Pizza tokens of similar value.

I plan to do a giveaway each Monday.

Last weeks winner! I will send your card now.

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You can even pay in hive!

I have been experimenting swapping/trading/flipping between Hive and HBD in my wallet. Seems simple and free, You just need to keep a bit of liquidity and swap when one or the other feels high or low. So far I have been setting limits with just using small test amounts, picking a small trading range from the current price.

First off I tried saving up 100 hbd and 350 liquid hive and set a buy and sell roughly half a percent higher and lower than current market prices. This worked many times leaving me with a 1 percent gain. But if there was a large swing moved up or down, I would be left with only one trade actioned. And then not enough resources for one of the next pair of trades.
So now I am trying much smaller trades more regular and can afford to have them just sit there longer.

Do not forget Powerup day on the first of every month! and the new ATX token liquidity pool.




The ATX swap hive Dcity BeeSwap liquidity pool. I deposited some of my tokens to test it out. So far it is looking pretty good and is very interesting to try and learn how hive second layer tokens work.

My distribution reward tokens rolling in.

I am enjoying "Stardom Play" a hive game, easy, simple to start off and not that time consuming. Also mobile friendly if your out and about. I am at Level 46, seeing if I can make it to L50 before they add any new missions. I seem to have enough snack box nfts, for now, they boost your energy and speed up progress. I also started picking up cards from the https://nftm.art/buy/stardom as you can not buy any pack at the moment.

I splashed out and got the 1 million stardom staked to do the The Brand Ambassador mission.


Check my post on which cards I purchased to breakout of Bronze League in Splinterlands and start getting some better rewards.

Rising star game is quick, easy, fun and free based on the music Industry. I just got an experience boost card which was expensive but has really fast tracked my progress. It is not clear how much of a boost the 10xp card is but it appears to be a lot more than plus 10 each mission maybe it x10 each mission. Either way it feels like a good deal and that along with buying packs and a few missing card has pushed me inside the top 300 for the first time on the ranking list.


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