Splinterlands Giveaway #39

This weekly post is a casual place for new people to Hive to connect, comment and learn the basics. I have a few token tips I can hand out as well. Let me know if you have any questions I am happy to help where I can.

To participate in this give away, all you need to do is comment.

To be in for a chance to win comment below:

Rule 1 - Comment any thing below with your Splinterlands @{username}

Rule 2 - Winner will be randomly drawn with this tool:
Hive Random Comment Picker

This week's winner will get a Merdhampir.

Even though this card is a cheap common card you still need a lot of them to combine and level up, and every bit of card power helps with your progress.

If you do not play splinterlands I will send some other LOL, LUV or Pizza tokens of similar value.

I plan to do a giveaway each Monday.

Last weeks winner! I will send your card now.

Check out my new t shirt now available at the link below


You can even pay in hive!

I have been experimenting swapping/trading/flipping between Hive and HBD in my wallet. Seems simple and free, You just need to keep a bit of liquidity and swap when one or the other feels high or low. So far I have been setting limits with just using small test amounts, picking a trading range from the current price.

Do not forget Powerup day on the first of every month! and the shared DLUX node opportunity.


I am enjoying "Stardom Play" a hive game, easy, simple to start off and not that time consuming. Also mobile friendly if your out and about. I finally made it to level 29 but they have increased the fan requirements and I am going to need to save for a few more pack of cards. I have opened a few packs already but I need more. I seem to have enough snack box nfts, for now, they boost your energy and speed up progress.

I splashed out and got the 1 million stardom staked to do the The Brand Ambassador mission.


Check my post on which cards I purchased to breakout of Bronze League and start getting some better rewards in Splinterlands.

Rising star game is quick, easy, fun and free based on the music Industry


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