A Restaurant Inspired by Tradisional House In Samosir Island, Lake Toba

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Oh, not my literal home. I come from North Sumatra where the content I will be talking about is located. Let's explore a little thing about North Sumatra.

My current post talks about Lake Toba and I have shown the traditional house that inspired the architecture of many resorts in Lake Toba. Almost all of the resorts and buildings in the Lake Toba area are looks like the traditional house of North Sumatra, Ruma Bolon (Bolon House).

Modernization With A Cultural Heritage


A walk to Lake Toba area would make you find out how many buildings who has a unique roof. All of that buildings can be a citizen house, a hotel or motel, and a restaurant. This is make Lake Toba is unique with preserving cultural heritage.

All that buildings is inspired by Ruma Bolo, a traditional house used to be residence of Kings in North Sumatra.

All aspect of original of Ruma Bolo are made by boards. The original of Ruma Bolo rectangular shape with a high floor model and leaves a large pit. There is a ladder for entry the house. While the roof is made of dry tassel leaves.

But in modernazation, the local peoples just put the roof of Ruma Bolo as a sign that they still uphold their ancestors cultural values.

Like the one restaurant that I have shown to you guys. It is a proof that they do not want to leave their culture. Hence, many tourist like to visited Lake Toba.



This is exterior of a restaurant in Samosir Island. Even though it is little dirty by seeing the empty pool, but the situation there is make you chill.

  • Interior

This restaurant has two floors, each floor has a different function. On the ground floor, there is a restaurant for diners to eat, while on the second floor there is a ballroom to hold meetings or group activities.

  • First Floor


Even though the interior not traditional enough,



  • The Second Floor

On the second floor there is a ballroom to carry out an important activity or important meeting.


IMG_3464 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3466 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3468 - Copy.JPG

Also the balcony fulfilled of chill chair for everyone to take a chill pill.

IMG_3470 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3469 - Copy.JPG

  • What you can see from the second floor

This is what you can see from second floor, a beautiful view of Lake Toba.




For completing these journey, It is a visualization of the original Ruma Bolon, the real citizen house that you can see when you explore the Lake Toba. The different is just the roof that uses iron sheeting while the original Ruma Bolon roof is made of dry tassel leaves.


Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it!

All Photos are personal collection and taken by Canon D1100


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