Beautiful Restaurant Filled With Plants

Hello guys....

A while ago I went to a restaurant that has a very beautiful interior design, its name is Blu Jardin. This is a restaurant that is currently famous because the place is very beautiful and aesthetic and instagramable.


This restaurant is designed with lots of plants, even from the front of this restaurant we are greeted with flowers placed in large orange pots, and there are also trees growing in front of this restaurant.


As soon as we enter this restaurant we will also be greeted directly with many plants, but if on the outside are real flowers while the inside of this restaurant is decorated with fake flowers or dried flowers, and the fragrance from this restaurant also has a soft but fresh floral fragrance.


Even on the roof of this restaurant is also fully decorated with plants, and there are also aesthetic lights that match the plants. Various colors of plants are installed in this restaurant.




This restaurant has green walls, and also some ornaments and furnishings that are brown in color. For benches and tables are also chosen that match the plants around them, also beautifully arranged and pleasing to the eye.




This restaurant is quite spacious which has a partitioned room, and there are also benches and tables placed outside the room. And the same as indoors, outdoors is also filled with plants that are placed in the right and beautiful parts. If the atmosphere in the room is more formal with dim lighting, then on the outside it is more of a relaxed atmosphere.



This restaurant has many photo spots that can be uploaded on instagram, one of which I like the most is the one wall at the back of this restaurant, this wall is covered with various types of leaves, then the roof is also decorated with lights hanging. And also there is like a small table that is attached to the wall, where on the table is placed a flower pot.


That's my experience of a beautiful restaurant called Blu Jardin, this is the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to, and certainly very comfortable.

This is the first time I'm posting something in this community, I hope my writing can be useful, and be an inspiration for those who want to design a room. Or if you want to visit this restaurant, this restaurant is in Medan, Indonesia.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.

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