The future will be of prefabricated houses!

The future will be of prefabricated houses!

Outside view

Hello. Today I would like to show you a very particular house that I had the opportunity to meet, the square meters of construction is 40 and it is located in Spain, this house is made by a company called keu and it takes the design of smart homes to another level.

By saying that they are smart homes, it means that they are efficient with the use of energy, they know how to control the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, in other words, they optimize resources depending on the season; it also has many amazing things inside and outside the house.

outside view

Outside view

The exterior of this mini house is luxurious for what it costs 83 thousand euros which is more or less 80 thousand US dollars; not visible, but the house has wheels and chassis, these are covered.

The house is made of aluminum to lighten the weight, on the outside it has many windows which allows you to appreciate the view and if the house is in a cold place it allows the sun's rays to warm the space and if it is in a place where it is very hot, it has something very novel since the design Form a curtain with air conditioning or cold air as insulation so that heat does not enter.

Outdoor planter

And the best of all is that the whole house takes energy from the sun, that is, it has solar panels and that is why it is very friendly to the environment.

On the outside I found this kind of small balcony incredible, that is an external garden and there you can put plants or better yet put a small garden and thus harvest your own food.

Kitchen and dining area

Bedroom area

The house inside has absolutely everything you need to live comfortably and the finishes are luxurious, in fact, a yacht even appears, the interiors are made of wood and mdf, which is a pressed fiber board, it also has marble, which is incredible. because it makes it look very elegant.

The aluminum and iron used are recyclable among other materials and that is good and must be taken into account to take care of the environment; Being a small house, it has a lower carbon footprint or a lower environmental impact because it does not take as much space to build it.

Appliances that are included

The house comes very well equipped, it has a washer, dryer, has a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, heated floors and air conditioning that works as a barrier on the windows to prevent heat from entering.


The ceiling and the floor in its viewpoint are made of glass, which I like very much because it gives you a feeling of being outside and inside at the same time and you can see through the floor what is below and also what is in the sky.

Fully functional kitchen

Another thing that I really liked is that the kitchen is suspended, which makes it easier to clean under it and prevents garbage from accumulating or unwanted insects from hiding there.

As a smart home, there is no lack of its mobile application that allows you to control the blinds of all the windows, the electrical appliances, the lights and others, the bathroom and the shower, as you can see, have very elegant finishes and, well, to make a small house I feel that the space It is more than enough.

Closet and cabinets located in the bedroom.

Another thing that I loved about this house is that the table is foldable, that is, you can raise it towards the wall and that way you can have more free space when you need it.

To make a house of only 40 square meters I feel that the spaces are very well used, for example, the kitchen has a lot of space, it has a wide counter to prepare food and a few cabinets and drawers to store glasses, plates, pots, cutlery and others, personally I think the kitchen is my favorite part of the house.

Most of the small houses or Time houses do not have much space to store clothes, instead this house, despite being so small, I feel that it has many drawers and has many spaces where you can hang your clothes.

I would love to know what you think of this house, if you like it and if you would live in a house like this, thanks for coming here, take care of yourselves, Bye.

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