Architecture of the church of St. Nicholas in Vrsac

Dear lovers of architecture, I present to you the church located in Vršac, built back in 1728, during the time of Bishop Nikola Dimitrijević, which is why it is called the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas.


The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Vršac is the main and largest Orthodox church in Vršac, which was built in the neoclassical Baroque style.


The church is 48 meters long, 17 meters wide and 54 meters high.

The church has three gates, these are the main ones where you enter.


above this gate there is an arch and a small window which is enriched with beautiful ornaments.


On the other side is an iron gate that is beautifully done, and above it is an icon.



the third gate located at the back of the church is made of wood with carved ornaments, above them is a semicircular window made of glass on the inside and in front are beautifully shaped metal ornaments that protect the window.


Around the church, apart from small decorative windows, there are large windows, and on each of them there is an icon, I don't know how noticeable it is in the photos, but in nature it is like a mosaic in a black and white version. Unfortunately, the times are such that access is forbidden, there are no more weddings or baptisms or any gatherings when there are holidays or Sundays.



Around the church there are interesting parts of the facade that are like pillars, and each pillar at the top has a head.


Around the windows, small crosses also predominate on the facade as a decorative part.


An interesting tree next to the church that grows obliquely.



tower on the other side where small injuries can be seen on the facade, The last repairs were done in the period from 2003 to 2007 and then the roof was replaced, the facade was painted, the complete electrical installation in the whole church was arranged.

Vršac has preserved individual buildings and entire complexes of the ambient whole, which is a beautiful example of various styles, especially Baroque.

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