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Hi everyone!!! How are you today?? I hope you are always healthy and happy.

We always look forward to beautiful weekends to gather with family or with our friends and friends, many things have been passed during the week there are times when it's happy or sad, weekends are always memorable days for most people, because after working full time for a week finally able to rest a day before returning to work again the next day.

This weekend I just want to relax at home to spend time with my family and it means a lot to me because the opportunity for that is sometimes difficult to get because of busy work and other things.

This time I want to make a post about furniture again because that's my daily work, this time I show a slightly large dining table and this dining table has a length of 165 cm and a width of 85 cm and a height of 75 cm, this dining table can be placed 6 chairs and this is my job this weekend.

In addition to the family room, the dining table is also a part for family gatherings because in general the dining table is used three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all of that is done with the family and the dining table is a silent witness. a harmonious family.

And also the dining table has an important role in the design of a house, generally every house has a living room, family room, bedroom and also a kitchen room and in the kitchen room there will usually be a lot of furniture such as a kitchen set, table mini bar and storage cabinets and lots of furniture. others, all of this aims to make the room look perfect with the furniture and also all the furniture will be arranged as good as possible and as neat as possible based on the size of the room and also based on their respective functions and that is the main thing in order to create a very beautiful kitchen room design.

Currently, there are so many designs for dining tables ranging from classic designs to modern designs as well as semi-classical and minimalist designs, and all of that will also be combined with attractive colors and all of these designs aim to make the kitchen room look aesthetic and elegant.

A beautiful kitchen room design will make a house more attractive and will not make us bored when we are there and will certainly make us and our family comfortable there.

The dining table that I am working on is a request from my regular customer, he has often ordered furniture from me and this table is a table that I renovated, not what I did from scratch, he has a dining table that has been damaged leaving only the legs of the table which he keeps in warehouse and he asked me to renovate it to become a reusable dining table.

You can see the picture on the table leg has been stored in the warehouse for a long time so it is very dirty and dusty so I have to wash it clean first before I start renovating it.

After the table legs, the first thing I did was cut the bottom of the left and right legs so that they were even and would be precise, and I also screwed the legs to make them stick again because the legs had started to shake and were not sturdy anymore.

A little I want to review about this table leg before I proceed to the renovation process, this table leg has 2 main support poles with a fairly large size and each of the two supports is attached with legs with a curved shape downwards and the two supports are connected by a series wood horizontally at the top and bottom and the two woods are united with other wood vertically.

but what makes this table leg interesting is that the two main supports are round and ornate and this process is called a lathe, to do a lathe process like this requires a machine to turn the wood and some special chisels for lathes with various shapes and with chisels that is will produce a lathe of various shapes.

Now let's go back to the process...
After I cut the table leg I prepared the wood as a holder for the table top and I attached it to the two main supports and I put glue and screwed it on, because the support wood was very hard, I had to make a hole beforehand to screw it in to make it easier then I glued and screwed it .

After that I finished working I continued to cut and split the 18 mm plywood for the table top with a size of 85 cm x 165 cm I cut it on my own assembled table saw machine, and then split the same plywood as well to paste it on all sides of the table top so that looks thicker with a size of 5 cm.

And after everything was finished, I split it, I started gluing 5 cm of plywood to the bottom of the table top by gluing and screwing it from the bottom so you don't see the putty marks from above.

After that, I started to attach the table top to the wooden retaining that was already installed and I glued and screwed it from the bottom as well so that the marks from the top of the table were not visible, Then I curved the corners of the table top and cut it using a jigsaw machine to make it look a little style.

After that I finished cutting then I started the finishing process,,
The first thing that was done in the finishing process was sanding all the surface of the table top, I did this using a grinding machine using sandpaper number 150.

Then the second thing I did in the finishing process was caulk the parts of the table that were uneven or have holes, if the putty was dry then I started caulking back all the table top surfaces with a slightly runny putty which I mixed with thinner.

Then after waiting for about 30 minutes all the putty was dry so I did the sanding process using 240 sandpaper to make it smooth and tidy but the sanding process at this stage was not done with a machine, just sanded it by hand.

Then after everything was finished I sanded then I cleaned all the table surfaces from sanding dust and then I started doing the last process in the finishing stage, namely painting.

I painted it using varnish paint and only used a brush because I don't have an air compressor yet, I did three layers and in each layer I had to wait for 3 hours for the paint to dry completely and then I moved on to the next layer.

And that's the process of remodeling a dining table that I'm working on this weekend I hope you guys like my post this time and see you in my next post.....have a nice day...😊😊😊

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