Changing the style of a bathroom.

Changing the style of a bathroom.

Hello friends, welcome to my blog; The first step for the remodeling of this bathroom is the demolition, we threw away all the tile that it had, we only left those dolphins to show how we work and what your new bathroom will be like.

Removal of all tiles and bathroom accessories.

As you can see, all the tiles have already been removed, on the floor, on the walls that were the wet areas, in this new proposal the lining is no longer going to be only the wet areas as it was previously, which is in the shower area, be on all the walls.

Then we begin with the issue of facilities, to see if the existing locations are going to work for us, in addition to the water tank that is located at the top; In the same way, the electrical connections were checked, if the socket points can serve us.

Firm or floor removal for installation of the new pipe.

We mark the location of our new furniture to provide the workers with information, so here are our drawings, our graffiti, so now it's the plumber's turn to make his returns here on the floor, we're going to shave so we can put new pipe, most of it is of no use to us.

We put new pipe from the main branch, which is at the back of the wall.

Installation of the water and sanitary pipe.

Once what was necessary had been demolished, we realized that when breaking all the firmness that it had, below that it had a fill and that fill was not mixed with the cement, it was loose stone and we have already seen that in the works that we have worked on before, well they did like this before; but right now is when the problems are seen and for example, when there is some filtration due to lack of maintenance, as all this remains hollow because it stagnates there and humidity is created, fungi are created, saltpeter, which we see in the lower part.

It must be completely filled so that it does not pass through and does not filter all the way down or at least it is not stored between the two parts, between the pavement and the slab, because what you have to do is make a lightened mixture, which would be pebble local, the cement and sand so that we mix it together and everything is the same monolithic piece.

Then the new installation was installed, everything that is shown is new, how my furniture will look, the exact location and we are already ensuring that there will not be any problem in the pipes.

Plaster removal

After this, it is time to fill in and start plumbing the walls because we voted on all the plasters, since we found the surface very collapsed, and to save stucco we did it again, this way it will be easier to place the pieces of the tiles so that don't get so much mixture in, for example, if we had a belly, more adhesive would get in and that's not ideal.

Leveling of the walls and floor.

Once the plumb plaster has been placed, the filling with the slope including a tray, the sanitary and hydraulic pipes and the outlet of the mixer of the shower that is going to work at high pressure, we can install the tile.

Presentation of the floor and wall coverings.

At this point we present our tile and our breakdown; I proposed a central line in the center of the drop of the shower and part it on the sides, so that it looks symmetrical and it will go up the walls with this same finish on the entire floor, the marble will be on the walls remaining and a wooden detail right in the center, behind the double WC, a line.

High quality stucco ceiling finish.

Once the placement of the tiles is finished, the stucco is placed on the ceiling, white stucco, and from there the only thing missing is the paint; At this point we are ready to start placing furniture, toilets, mirror, toilet, tempered glass, one fixed and the other folding; and the showers that we have available.

The wc are with double discharge

The furniture floated because it has no support at the bottom.

This is the final delivery, this is how our remodeling work that you followed turned out, you can suggest something in the comments that you think, if you like it, thanks for your time.

I hope the information is useful when making a decision, do not forget to support me and we will read next time, bye.

All images including schematics, photos and models are mine

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