A piece of Egypt in my city

A piece of Egypt in my city

My name is Jhonny and welcome to my blog, today I will show you my visit to the Egyptian palace that is here in the center of Medellín, this is specifically located in the Prado Centro neighborhood, to get to this palace easier we stayed at the station from the Prado metro and there we begin to climb on the right hand side, I am going to leave you the exact address here in case you want to go see it or have it pending during your visit to Colombia.

In this neighborhood, they used to be where the millionaires lived here in the city, in this neighborhood it has very particular houses and buildings, precisely this palace was a house that now was converted into a cultural center.

I come to this neighborhood because it caught my attention, that there was a construction of an Egyptian palace in Medellín, and from the photos, and the reviews that I have seen on the internet, I find it very impressive and that is why I dared to come to visit it and get to know it and to bring them through this post that they are encouraged and go to know it because the truth is very emblematic.

The palace is very close to the Prado metro station, 8 or 10 minutes walking, to be able to enter and see the palace you must request an appointment days before, and say what day you can go and what time, because it is a visit Guided tour, the cost is 10,000 pesos or about $ 3.

The Egyptian palace is one of the oldest constructions in this sector of Medellín, it was created in the 20s by Fernando Estrada, the first Mason optometrist and the first graduated in the US and in Germany and a being in love with millenary cultures , heritage museum in the middle the beautiful columns of the palace represent unopened papyri and lotus flowers, Egyptian symbol of the sun creation and rebirth.

This temple or palace takes place a few meters from the Villanueva Cathedral today known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín, two constructions that marked the confrontation between the Catholic clergy and Freemasonry since Don Fernando was a Freemason and therefore the Egyptian palace was a landmark and a reference in the city.

This Egyptian palace is a copy of the temple of Luxor located in the heart of ancient Thebes that is currently in ruins, visit this site in a plan not to get lost since with guided tours you can learn the history of this wonderful place.

All these murals were painted by Don Camilo and Sasha Colombian painters known for their figurative art and works made with good expressiveness and a quite personal character.

Over time the construction has had several constructive deteriorations, for this reason a large part of the surrounding community is supporting it so that it can once again be one of the benchmarks of the city of Medellín and become the first cultural district of the city.

Once the tour of the Egyptian palace is finished, you have a broader vision of Egyptian culture, I really liked the visit of the museum, I invite you to visit it and live the experience like me of knowing a little more about Egyptian culture Very few Colombians know about the existence of this museum and it is worth visiting it because it has very good things to offer.

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