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RE: Design and Architecture of Pos Bloc Medan

hello @storiesoferne thank you for stopping by
and I am very happy for your positive response to the development of my post to get better.

I think, the Dutch colonialism in the past has planned this city very well and precisely. He had kept the post office close to the train station, and most importantly close to all government offices and plantation offices in the past.

For sure, the Indonesian post office has been unable to compete with other private courier services. We only use the post to collect pension funds, or send goods to remote areas. I have come to this place several times to send goods, and the condition of the building is very unkempt. Maybe, because the budget and income of this company are limited.

Pos Bloc is the latest concept from the Indonesian post office company to survive. Almost all central post offices in Indonesia (especially big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan) use post office buildings from the Dutch empire.

I am quite happy with this change, at least this building gets maintenance and is always painted every year.

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