My 1 Out Of 39 The Infamous Kopi Nako

Hello my dear friends…
In this lovely night, i want to share a place where i had a date with my husband. If you live around Jawa’s Island, this coffee shop name must be quite familiar for you because they have their branch everywhere. I did a little research and i saw that they have 39 branches just in around west side of Jawa, i cant imagine in the next two years, for all i know they might have branches in all over Indonesia. This coffee shop is quite soecial because despite they’re located in many different areas and cury, they manage to keep up with their theme. I mean, their theme is not like the kind of theme that other coffee shop have when its mostly consist if the similarity of color and vibe they’re going. This one coffee shop chain took it further with their whole design and concept in the place, especially their sitting are which sadly i cant show the comparison with their other branches since this is the first Kopi Nako that i have ever come to. Eventhough this is my first Kopi Nako, make no mistake that i have seen what their other branches looks like a lot of them in my friend’s stories and posts and i guaranteed that everyone that ever visited Kopi Nako must think the same as me.

First of Kopi Nako characteristics are they are so spacious. It was kinda going against the trend where the coffee shop located in a hidden and cramped place. I dont get where that kind of trend came from and despite it was kinda fun to find a hidden cute and pretty coffee shop, it was kinda tiring to go there especially with how bad the maps in our country, let alone if we take our car in there. While the trend is going strong that way, i am quite relieved that Kopi Nako choose a different path than that. I saw few Kopi Nako while passing and for me it seems like they always try to make the best of their space. As we can see later from this post that they have such a spacious space that leaves us a lot of room to breathe. I am the type of person whom going to coffee shop or cafe depends of my mood so this is the kind of place that i will choose when i dont want to think too much and just breathe and enjoy the good food and drink.

This is the other Kopi Nako special characteristic. They always have this build right in the middle of the space. As i have to say it again, i saw the exact same design in their few other branches and i guess that it will be the same for their other branches too. In a way, this makes Kopi Nako special because this building is always stands out if we look at the Kopi Nako as a whole. Kopi Nako have two indoor building. One is this one and the other is for their kitchen and ordering counter. I will share the pictures of their other building below and for some reason, i got reminded by an antique shop a lot when i look at the design. Maybe it was the design and the combination of the color thatvthey choose that makes me feel that way? For me, it was so different than the image that they make in their outdoor area.

This are the other building i talked about. Thisbis where we order our food and drink and this is where they make it too. I found it quite unique tgat they have an indoor space special for only ordering. They’re not putting any sitting area in there which it was usually what i see in the other coffee shop. Other coffee shop that i see will try to squeeze as many table and chair possible in their place. I also find the blue little area filled with water and looks like a small pool but filled with small fish was kinda out of place. For me, this is the only thing i dont understand why it was placed in there because for me it just makes it odds and doesnt give any aesthetic feel.

This is what their indoor sitting area in Kopi Nako and the only soace with air conditioning. The city is hot so me and my husband decided to sit in here. I bet that this whole space have at least 50 sitting space but we can only find 5 table in here. This is the other unique thing about Kopi Nako. Eventhough they have such a big places, their indoor sitting space always looks like a small addition. Anyway, this place is using something that i think is called eco brick. As we can see in the bottom part of the wall they use their used coffee’s cups and it was in all over the sides. I thinn that its cool that they make effort no matter how small it is.

Here are the outdoor space of Kopi Nako which is one of their characteristics also. They always have this “cement” look and somehow have some space that looks like stairs. This one is prettier than “stairs” concept that i saw in another branch because it was so spacious so they can make it looks like a mini stadion somehow. It will be nice to have an accoustic band playing some songs in the middle of this mini stadion they have. We can also see that they have a lot of plants that looks so “dried” and rven a lot of cacti here and there. It was matched the whole look so good. The place looks so dry and it makes me wants to order a refreshing drinks.

Well, this is my short story about Kopi Nako and i an so curious to see their other branches from the inside and not only to look at their outside while passing. So, the next time i visited another town i will try to find a Kopi Nako in there. See you in my next post and thank you for reading.

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