the function of the Meunasah building in the village of Aceh province


Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia. since the State of Indonesia has 34 provinces. Aceh province in the western part of Indonesia. Indonesia is also known as a country that has many islands.

Meunasah is a place of worship for Muslims in villages, especially in Aceh. the function of the Meunasah as a place of worship as well as a gathering place for the community in the village. There are many activities carried out in Meunasah such as religious activities and general community meetings in the village for community welfare.

In Aceh tradition, the village has its own leader and the organizational structure in the village is very well guarded. the function of village leaders to protect the community is usually called Gechik / village leader.

For the development of the meunasah the community will raise money to build and repair the meunasah. This is a form of community solidarity in the village to build a meunasah. everyone in the village will contribute what they can to build the meunasah. so the Meunasah became a very important place in the village.











like the photo you can see above the Meunasah building is not completely ready as in the plan drawing. the community is still raising funds to continue the construction of this meunsah. people in the village will usually always donate to continue the construction of the Meunasah. Aceh is a province that is still thick with existing customs. despite the development of the times, the customs of the Acehnese people will still be properly protected.

In this Meunasah building that is not ready to be built, such as painting, canopy pairs in the parking lot and also the installation of ceramics on the 2nd floor of the building. indeed, a lot of funds are still needed in this development. but the community remained united to continue so that Meunasah could be completed perfectly.

In the village, solidarity is energy for all matters relating to the interests of the village itself. everything will go smoothly if we always stick together. There are many lessons we can take from the cohesiveness of the village people.

I hope this village will quickly finish building the meunasah. especially if there are many donations, it is certain that this construction will be completed quickly. usually money will be collected quickly if the community is harvesting rice or harvesting plants and fruits that are on their plantations.

the village has a structure such as a state where there is also a leader and a community. for everything there are separate figures within the village structure. for me living in a village is much different from living in a city. we find a lot of social high in the village. Unlike in the city, many people only think about themselves.

If later the Meunasah building is painted on the left, what color in your opinion is suitable for this building. I hope that those of you who see this post will comment and give an opinion on what colors are suitable if this building is painted and will look beautiful.



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