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There is an interesting statement, if you are traveling to a new place or a country you have never visited, do you prefer to stay in a hotel or hostel?

Now this question is very related to what I wrote about my first experience staying for 3 days in a foreign country that I haven't visited in a long time. I had the opportunity to vacation for 6 days in Bangkok, Thailand. For 3 days I stayed at a hotel and the rest at the hostel because my friend had to go back to Indonesia. I planned 3 days of traveling as a backpacker alone because I wanted to experience a new experience to enjoy alone time and meet lots of strangers.

For 3 days I decided to stay in a hostel in the Khaosan Road area, which is a favorite place for backpackers from various countries. Khaosan road is very famous for its area which is close to the center of entertainment, culture and various interesting places in the city of Bangkok. For this reason, Khaosan is never empty, in fact this area is very safe and comfortable for 24 hours. Usually I always live in the pratunam area because 7 years ago I always shopped for clothes at the fashion center, so I never imagined the Khaosan Road area like it is now.






I love this area because it has a lot of interesting experiences, including staying at 3 Howw Hostel. I booked this hostel on the hotel's online booking application. Very lucky I got the best offer from the application and chose to stay at this hostel. Even though at first I was a little doubtful about the various bad ratings that said this hostel wasn't worth living in, I finally had an extraordinary experience that wasn't what the commenters said.

3 Howw Hostel, located in the Khaosan Road area, takes 6 minutes by foot if you want to the entertainment center of Khaosan, so this hotel will be very far from the hustle and bustle of the night, making it a very comfortable place to sleep and rest. It has 3 types of rooms namely; dormitory for men, female dormitory and private rooms. The price is adjusted according to the number of beds in each room, I got a good price at that time, only 200 bath for 1 night. If converted to rupiah, it costs 90,000 rupiah for 1 female dormitory with 4 beds.








I got a room on the 4th floor, but unfortunately I couldn't take photos in my room because it was very private, I was afraid my roommates would feel uncomfortable, so I only took a few photos from a few spots. This hostel is very small, like a 3 shop building with 4 floors inside a small alley. Despite that, the hostel is very comfortable and clean. On the 1st floor, there is a reception desk, several sofas for tenants to use to wait or do other activities and there are also tables and chairs used for eating and drinking. And also there is 1 water heater kettle, jars of sugar and free coffee for tenants and a place to put shoes/sandals. In this hostel, we are not allowed to use shoes/sandals from outside, only clean sandals and socks are allowed.



On the 2nd floor there is a toilet and bathroom specifically for women, men are not allowed to enter this toilet, and vice versa, women are not allowed to enter the men's toilet which is on the side of the building. The toilet here is very clean, several additional lockers are provided to store things when you want to take a shower, there is also a hair dryer that tenants may use. However, toiletries and bathrobes are not provided and can be purchased/rented at the hostel. For 1 piece of towel, it can be rented for only 100 bath.





Toilets and bathrooms are designed in black and white, it seems they are used to simplify and disguise stains so they don't look dirty. Hot shower is also provided and works very well. Likewise, the toilet is very clean and smells good. I often see the employees who clean this hostel work well, even though I am often not at the hostel, because I have done my activities in the morning and come home late at night.

On the 2nd floor there is also a dishwasher, washing machine and microwave that can be used by tenants, even though I don't use these facilities, this is quite useful for other tenants who can save on traveling budgets. Plates and glasses are provided, only if you have used them please wash and dry them again for other users to use. Besides that, there is a place that can be used to relax, can it be called a study room or lounge? Because there is a bookshelf that contains a lot of books and also some bean bags. This room is very open space, we can even see visitors from above this floor. The room is a little dark, because I don't know where the power plug is. LOL




The most enjoyable thing about being at 3 Howw Hostel is the terrace where you can see the outside view, especially since it's in a narrow alley not far from various other buildings. Seeing the sights of some foreign tourists passing by while drinking tea is fun here. I like it in the morning, I brew hot tea and sit while getting to know some of the tenants, even though my English is very messy, but I like pleasant experiences and meeting interesting strangers.

See you the next time hive friends!

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