Architecture Brew #39

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In today's report, we're delighted to present to you our 39th Edition where our top-featured publications highlight an interesting seaside estate in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, a sophisticated Japanese model house, and a mountain chapel in Southern Bulgaria.

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Our Champions for the Week:

(from September 13 - 19, 2021)


@olga.maslievich"Zastava" estate - fortress in the steppe above the sea...

olgamaslievich - gold mark.jpg

The first impression of the Zastava estate is a positive cozy place, which is protected from the steppe winds by its walls, which are made of huge blocks carved from rakushnyak stone and lovingly built by the owner himself. Several dogs ran out to meet us - the owner of the base warned us about them. Later it turned out that 8 of them live there :)


@dmillizModern Style Japanese Home Display Unit - by Wakana Homes

dmilliz - silver mark.jpg

The living room had a mixture of western and Japanese styles. In the foreground, we can see an elevated Tatami area for dining. This style is not common in Japanese homes these days but are very popular at Izakayas ( Japanese dining bars). The wealthier Japanese usually go for this type of set up. Most westerners will find it hard to sit here and may be uncomfortable while eating as your legs will be in a folded position. In the background we can see a more western style of design with couches and a TV.


@soulsdetourTo build a church

soulsdetour - bronze mark.jpg

But in fact, I never saw this church. The young woman had shown me the palace in which they lived, the extremely expensive, baroque furnishings of the house, the expensive paintings specially commissioned by a particular artist, not to mention the carpets and furniture, also a special and luxurious order. In the years I knew her, this church never got ready.


@juancar347Gothic Art: remarks for a debate

juancar347 - runner-up.jpg

@marcosmilano71[ENG] Walking with my wife along the Paseo Los Próceres in Caracas / [ESP] Caminando con mi esposa por el Paseo Los Próceres en Caracas

marcosmilano71 - runner-up 2.png

@chocolatescorpiPort Melbourne Town Hall: an important place from then and right up until today.

chocolatescorpi - runner-up.jpg

@juecoreeFeminism: Creating designs that advocates social change

juecoree - runner-up 2.png

@garviRehabilitación de edificios./ Building refurbishment.

garvi - runner-up.jpg

@txatxyArchitecture, Harmony with the scent of salt -Arquitectura, Armonía con aroma a sal

txatxy - runner-up.jpg

@melbourneswestBusiness design

melbourneswest - runner-up.jpg

@anggreklestariA Colorful and Multifunction Toilet Inside The Mall

anggreklestari - runner-up.jpg

@besamu[ENG] “Lechería” a unique tourist complex in Venezuela [ESP] “Lechería” un complejo turístico único en Venezuela

besamu - runner-up.png

@barskiArchitecture + Design: Reinforcement of the floor slab and reinforcement of the formwork

barski - runner-up.jpg

@juecoreeActivism: Conscientious actions for our sustainable design world

juecoree - runner-up 1.png

@marcosmilano71[ENG] Facades of two Catholic temples in Caracas / [ESP] Fachadas de dos templos católicos de Caracas

marcosmilano71 - runner-up 1.png

@bluemoonTribute to the Traveling Actors

bluemoon - runner-up.jpg

@soychalbedRemodeling for dad // Remodelando por papá

soychalbed - runner-up.png

@pradityaAyurvedic Architecture and it's evident strength.

praditya - runner-up.jpg

@mersSt. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish Church, Vienna

mers - runner-up.png

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