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It's with pleasure to present to you our 36th Edition where our top-featured publications highlight different strategies in Acoustic Design, an inspiring stroll in a reservoir park in Singapore, and the efficiency of Contemporary Design.

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Our Champions for the Week:

(from August 16 - 23, 2021)


@pradityaManaging Acoustics in Built Environment!

"A space must have certain elements which make it user-friendly. Like just imagine yourself working in an office where the sounds of keyboards, people chatting, and the telephone ringing all the time and by the end of the day, you'll be more exhausted than you should be.

And there are multiple scenarios where having a bad hearing experience makes you irritated and even exhausted. So, considering acoustics in the interiors is equally important as the aesthetics and functionality."


@cherryngLet’s Take a Stroll @ Tranquility And Beautiful Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

"Recently I had visited a park which’s located at Lower Seletar Reservoir in Singapore. The park is about 4.3 hectares in size both land and water area. I was quite excited as it was my first visit to the park. The park is near to Khatib MRT, roughly a 5-10 minutes walking distance from Khatib MRT to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park."


@garviLa eficiencia de lo Contemporáneo/ Efficiency of the Contemporary

"When we talk about contemporary architecture nowadays, what do we really mean? Do we mean architecture that is based on very careful lines? An architecture that stands out? Architecture that does not go out of fashion over time?...
That is to say, the one that makes me feel the passion when I am creating plans for a house and I think that it is one of the most satisfying works when you can see them finished. From my point of view, it is nothing more than modern finishes wrapping a work. Creating rooms with all the finishes and systems of the highest capacity or rather, technically cutting edge. Houses that have thought of every last detail to make the most of solar energy and all the necessary mechanisms for lower consumption."


@babeltripsSignature Bridges in Danang, Vietnam

@txatxyAlways changing, always moving forward- Siempre cambiando, siempre avanzando

@juancar347[ENG-SPN] Calatañazor: medieval architecture / Calatañazor: arquitectura medieval

@feidermanArchitecture making a city for a great reference in Venezuela / Spanish too


@soulsdetourFacade design from the last century, speculations

@priyanarcOlympic Fountain at Palats Sportu ( Place of Sports) - Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

@juecoreeOrigami Unfolds: Redefining contemporary architectural design.

@sahiba-ranaMillennium city -Gurgaon!

@jhonnygoCracks in concrete

@besamu[ENG] The Vennesla Library in Norway, a work worth seeing [ESP] La Biblioteca de Vennesla en Noruega, una obra digna de ser vista

@millycf1976The Unexpected Extraordinary Narrowboat Home

@marcosmilano71[ENG] Caracas and its Brutalist Architecture / [ESP] Caracas y su Arquitectura Brutalista

@barskiArchitecture + Design: Installation of foundation blocks and selection of wall materials

@claudio83The Big Watch: modern Building architecture

@juecoreeDeconstructivism: Deconstruct to become better

@bambukaAdmiralty & Atlanta (11 photos)

@olga.maslievichThe Dominican Cathedral remembers the intimate moments of my life.

@jhonnygoA rusty assembly must be emptied, my experience.

@besamu[ENG] The Hotel Moruco: a work of “popular architecture” in the Venezuelan Andes [ESP] El Hotel Moruco: una obra de “arquitectura popular” en los andes venezolanos

@marcosmilano71[ENG] Boleita Center Shopping Center. Caracas / [ESP] Centro Comercial Boleita Center. Caracas

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