A Colorful and Multifunction Toilet Inside The Mall


Toilets that look clean and luxurious in a mall, it's a common thing. But what about a toilet that looks colorful? I will tell my experience when I accidentally found a toilet with a unique concept in a mall.

Usually, malls do have many toilets scattered in the corners of the various floors of the building. That also applies to a mall in my city, (Binjai Supermall). So not all the toilets in it I've ever been in, to be honest.


Last month, an interesting surprise happened. I had to wait a while to get down from the 3rd floor to the ground floor because the mall escalator was broken and was being repaired at that time. So on the 3rd floor, I try to find activities that are not boring.

After I finished eating, the escalator had not yet been repaired. Finally, I looked for the toilet on that floor and asked the clerk.

I found the toilet suggested by the mall clerk, on that floor. Turns out the toilet was beyond my expectations. The toilet has a unique design. Finally, I decided to take pictures of the toilet which was empty of visitors.



Before going to the main room of this toilet, visitors will pass through a hallway that has wallpaper with a brick wall design that a dinosaur is trying to knockdown.


It seems that the toilet is more of a design for children. It looks good to develop children's imagination.

Actually, there is a reason that I think is quite strong. The location next to the toilet is a space for children to play. So I think this toilet is purposely made specifically to be more child-friendly because it is still connected to the children's play area.



Next, when you arrive at the entrance to the toilet, there will be several toilet sections separating them. In addition to the area for men and women, there are sections that really caught my attention, namely "Kid's Restroom" and "Mothers Room". Looks multifunctional for the toilet in the mall.



The first thing I noticed about this toilet is colorful. This is the main space of the toilet itself. A colorful impression is applied to the doors and chandeliers. Honestly, this is the first time I've seen a toilet with a colorful design. Usually, I only see toilets with a minimalist and clean concept, filled with neutral colors. So, it's only natural that I feel amazed.



These colors are enough to make the mind have fun after being saturated with activities in the mall. At least with a splash of color, we invite the mind to think of something different and fun.


At the doors, warnings are also given to maintain social distancing rules.


After seeing the main space in the toilet, let's look at other areas of this toilet that are quite interesting.




The "Kid's Restroom" which is in front of the "Mothers Room" has a transparent hole in the door to see if there are visitors or not in the area.


On the side next to the toilet door, there is a wall that has a body measuring tool. Well, I also tried to measure my height at that time. This is one of the fun things because kids can measure their height, with a cute measuring design.




On the inside, it has a child-friendly and colorful wallpaper design. It's quite fun to be in this toilet. I'm sure children can learn independently to go to the toilet with this fun design.



Let's go to another area of ​​this toilet. “Mothers Room” is in front of “Kid's Restroom”.

On the inside, it looks feminine with some wall decorations. The wallpaper design is also colorful like the previous areas in this toilet.



There are wall paintings of flamingos and flowers. So visitors who are taking care of their children in this room will not be bored.


There is a comfortable sofa for mom. Besides, it is an interesting quote. LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU'RE LAUGHING”. Great!

There is also a curtain for the breastfeeding area, to cover the sofa area. Very complete for a toilet area in a mall.


To maintain a child-friendly impression, leaf wallpapers and a birdcage were also made.




It's really a room design in the toilet that is not boring and supports the use of the space itself.


Overall, I really appreciate the whole design of this toilet. What I like the most is the application of colorful colors. Also, the "Mothers Room" supports the comfort of mothers who have babies to be given breast milk. That is very much appreciated.

That was my exciting experience when I accidentally found a toilet with a colorful and multifunctional design.

I hope you enjoy my post this time and I appreciate your comments. Have a great day!


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