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Talk about a trip to An Lao waterfall, Binh Dinh Vietnam

"Come on you just go, I can't go πŸ»β€β™€οΈ"
β€œI'm busy, or should I postpone πŸ€¦πŸ»β€
β€œNext time, maybe it's more beautiful πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ€
Dozens of reasons and stubbornness push us on solo trips. Feeling lonely but free, scared but full of excitement, doubt but forced to trust the guide, ... everything makes the emotions soar when reaching the destination. This time it's K50, alone for the trip to An Lao road waterfall, Binh Dinh and back to KBang road, Gia Lai with 2 guides in 2 directions, I was handed over at the waterfall 🀣🀣
Especially when I came back, I found out about the rock with the shape of Kong's head , looking through the photos, there are quite a few quite random pictures
Going from An Lao Binh Dinh road to KBang Gia Lai road, 2 roads are one for each, but I personally prefer Binh Dinh road, both roads are suitable for those who like to take care of life, or ride an offroad motorbike, or simply I simply love the thrill of riding behind a motorbike like me πŸ˜₯
In Binh Dinh, the sun is very beautiful, unfortunately it rains again at the waterfall, so the photos are not good.
But in short, K50 is still an extremely worthwhile place to go
I'm going in the direction of An Lao towards Kbang, so I'll point you in that direction too
πŸ“ First, you catch the car from Phu Cat Airport to Bong Son T-junction, Hoai Son district, this is the National Highway 1 axis, so you can catch any North-South bus, probably about 50k, about more than 60km
πŸ“ Next is to take the bus from Bong Son 4 intersection, An Nhon, Binh Dinh to Xuan Phong market πŸ˜₯, tell the bus assistant that it is ok to go to Safety, 20k, about 25km
πŸ“ From the market, take a motorbike taxi to An Toan 1 village, 200k for more than 60km
πŸ“Œ Remember to buy all the necessary food and drink at the market, because there is nothing to buy when coming to An Toan.
πŸ“Go to Toan 1, you can call the guide and start the journey, you can choose to trek or ride a motorbike, or hire someone to drive in, the road will eat all kinds of Pha Luong, Lung Cung or Nhiu. Co San, it's something that makes you feel like biting your tongue (for a talkative person like me)
If you go in a group and have a lot of time, you should walk and set up a tent on day 1 at Sim Hill, it's extremely beautiful, so go next month because there are still ripe sims, go on the first or last day of the month to see so many stars.
I didn't measure the road, but it's about 15km by motorbike, it's about 15km, walk for about 4 hours, ah, that's the place where you can't ride a motorbike anymore, but you still need to walk for about 1 more hour to reach the waterfall. πŸ˜†
πŸ“If you want to go back to K Bang street like me, you have to make an appointment in advance to pick you up at the other end or prepare yourself mentally to continue walking, it also takes another 1.5 hours to ride a motorbike about 10km, but the road has been concreted and easier to go. a lot, walking for about 3-4 hours. But I swear it's high enough to ride a motorbike on that road. There is also a U-watt car πŸš™ (don't know how to write it correctly 🧐) carrying 5-7 people 1 trip, each person is 100k or something, and the motorbike is 200k to go to the ranger station.
πŸ“ From the ranger station to continue to take the car to An Khe town, it takes another 80km, in general it is very messy πŸ˜‚, but the road is beautiful and smooth like a baby's skin
From An Khe town, you can go to Pleiku airport 90km away to the North or return to Phu Cat airport just 60km away to end the rather messy but very worthy journey to K50.
πŸ“ It is recommended to go early before this place gets crowded and becomes boring







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