On the 11th day of October: Birthday + Hive Meet up = HAPPY DAY!

Hello Hivers! How's your October so far?


October is my new year. Why? Because my age changes on this month, on the 11th day of October. I thought nothing special would happen on my birthday this year but I was wrong.

I typically don't look forward on my birthdays when I was young because I/we (my family) don't celebrate it. It's just an ordinary day for me until until October 2015 happened.

It was in the year 2015, during my first year as a teacher when my very first birthday celebration happened. Yes! I was able to celebrate my birthday with cakes, balloons and gifts when I became a teacher. I don’t have much memory of my childhood, but it’s clear to me that I didn’t received and experienced a birthday celebration during those years. I didn’t even get a debut party or even a simple family gathering on any of my birthdays. Though, my other siblings get to experience one, I don’t know why it never happened to me. But, I think I like it that way. I like the idea of not having a party/gathering at a young age but I didn’t like the thought that I did not received any gifts during that time. HAHAHA I mean, who doesn’t want opening a gift? Right?

Being used to not celebrating my birthdays, I never imagined that I will somehow, someday, be able to have my own cake with a dedication, “Happy Birthday” or bringing home dozens of balloons or even open a special gift on my birthday. I gave up on that idea already. However, when I became a teacher at the age of twenty-one I experienced it all unexpectedly and it made me sooooo happy! I was even happier at the thought that I get to experience these things during the time that I can document it and I can remember it even after long years. If it happened during my childhood days, I don’t think I will remember every detail of my celebration.

I got a surprised from my students during that year (2015). I felt like a debutant that day. In the middle of the basketball court of the school where I was teaching, my male students lined up, each one holding an artificial flower with short notes and gave it to me one by one. Then my female students, were the ones who sang the birthday song, some were holding balloons and the class president holding the birthday cake. It seems that they’ve planned it but I tell you, they only knew that it was my birthday during the assembly period/flag ceremony in the morning. The school I was first connected with had this tradition of including a birthday greeting as part of the morning announcements whenever an employee is celebrating his special day. This tradition made each celebrant an instant celebrity during their special day because the whole school would know. HAHAHA.

After that year, I get to experience more and more birthday celebrations organized by my students and my co-teachers every school year. And received birthday gifts too. HAHAHA

My first birthday party! First time to wear a party hat as a birthday celebrant, brought home balloons, artificial flowers and was showered with confetti. A grand first time for me.😂 On the other hand, after this short celebration, I volunteered to help them clean the area. HAHAHA

Another batch of sweet and thoughtful students. Since my advisory classroom was near this court, I get to celebrate my birthdays there with full audience from Grades 7 to Grade 10 students. I'm always thankful for the cakes and balloons but what I treasure most are the letters and notes written by my students.

This birthday surprise really made me cry- tears of joy of course. They were my students when they were still in Junior High School (the same students who surprised me during my first year of teaching). In this photo, they were already in Grade 12 (Senior High). I'm not their adviser or a subject teacher anymore but they still exerted an effort for this surprise. Lucky me!

My co-teachers! Despite being very busy with all the paper works and class preparations they also planned for a birthday party for me! Good memories to keep.

When I turned 24, I received 3 cakes with different flavors, by far the most number of cakes I had- one from my former students, one from my co-teachers in the High School Department and one from the teachers under the department I was supervising as a coordinator. Plus, those cupcakes from my previous working student who I already considered as my younger sister from another family.

Well, well, well, these beautiful ladies, my co-teachers in my most recent employer, you know the two of them (@jongcl and @charisse.craves) prepared a birthday present for me- the most colorful cake I ever had. And they also wrote me a letter!😍 I'm so glad I have them.

Green and Red August Birthday Facebook Cover.png
More cakes and gifts I received from my close friends and uncle.

Now, currently being unemployed, I have decided to be kind to myself and give myself a unique kind of birthday celebration I never experienced when I was still working. I booked myself a room somewhere where I could welcome the 11th day of the month. I didn’t invite anyone to join me because I really wanted to spend that time alone. I prepared, or shall I say bought food and ate by myself. I definitely loved the silence and peace I felt that day. If only I have the luxury to stay there for a few more days. So what happened was, I just stayed there, enjoyed the place until I checked out. I didn't even remember taking photos (except for one selfie inside the room). I didn't do much. I just sat, consumed my food, enjoyed and looked around the place.

The only photo I had during my short escape flexing the food I bought-Kenny Rogers' Sweetcorn Muffin, Chowking's Pork Chao fan and Lumpiang Shanghai and Buffalo wings from Casa Verde. I ordered these food via foodpanda pick-up and the amazing part was I got all of these at a discounted price, around 40 to 50 percent off. Yehey!

After I checked out, my next destination was Ayala Center Cebu to meet @jongcl and @ate.eping and headed to Citylights for a scheduled Hive meet up. My first time to attend one🤗.

I, together with @ate.eping, @charisse.craves and @carlito.writes finally met @purepinay along with @gerel and @asasiklause . Finally, finally, finally! It was a very informative and joyful afternoon experience. There were important things discussed by @purepinay and @jongcl. Aside from that, we also exchanged conversations in between during discussions. And the last part was pictorial and eating session! We are very thankful for the warm welcome and happy conversation that happened yesterday. It felt like I had a small party this year because of the meet up. 😁😁😁

Our first Hive Meet up group photo. Thank you @ate.eping for sharing this photo.

When I arrived at home, I was told by my brother that my uncle visited and left a cake for me. I was like "Yeyyy, I have a cake this year." But, he then said that they already sliced and ate some and I was like "Oh, my cake is not whole anymore." HAHAHA Then few minutes after, I got a milktea delivery sponsored by other brother.

My cake this year. See, it's not whole anymore. HAHAHA

Milkteaaaa... First time to try a milktea from Pure Leaf. I liked the taste and the pearls! I just don't know where the store is located.😁

Despite being in the middle of pandemic, I'm still thankful that I get to celebrate my birthday this year plus a bonus 😍😍😍-- meeting some people in the community because of the meet up.

To moreeee happy memories!

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