My three minimalist tattoos 🖌🖌🖌


Growing up with and seeing my cousins and family friends that have a tattoo opens up my curiosity.
I remember one time asking my cousin if how did he get his tattoo and he told me it's painful and I shouldn't be getting one.
Well, I replied sure, I am not going to have one either 😅🤣



But it changes over the years as I have the chance to meet other people who have it.
To be honest I did not expect nor imagine myself getting one. I was just so amazed seeing some of my friends that have tattoos but it changes when the pandemic hits.

I decided to get one because when I saw people doing what they want during the pandemic and making the most out of it I was inspired to take a chance to do it since it is Y.O.L.O. "You Only Live Once"

Kaye, one of my friends told me that she is getting a new tattoo and ask me if I wanna come and I said yes and would love to get one. At first, she was surprised that I wanted to get one but she did help me decide what design to pick and so I've searched for some minimalist tattoos and the first one that came into my mind is airplane. As many of my friends know that I love to travel so I guess it will no longer be a surprise. The second tattoo was my birth month flower which is Lilly and the third one is the heart shape that was a matching tattoo with Kaye.


I thought that this would be a painful experience since it was a needle but surprisingly it went well and I never regret my decision and looking forward to getting a new one in the future.

That's it for now, hope you have a great weekend hivers, and stay safe.


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