Hello fellow hivers,
I hope you all are doing good. Sorry for not posting for so long, i was feeling a lit unmotivated from last few weeks. It’s something personal and family related stuff that we are facing right now. But i felt so good when some of my fellow hive friends tried to msg and asked me if i am doing okay or not. It feels so nice that in such short period of time, I’ve managed to earn such great friends here.

I want to stay consistent here but my posts are related to my art works and for some reason I’m not feeling motivated enough to make them.

I’m trying my best but it’s one of those things in which you can’t force yourself, sometimes you need to give yourself some time to recharge your body and your mind.

I’m feeling okay now i will get back to the grind and start posting more from now on.

sharing some pictures from yesterday that my mum clicked for me. I wore this blue suit (an Indian dress).

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