Crypto!! No Turning back, Fly High 👍

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We May Like it or Hate it But We can't Ignore it. Cryptocurrencies have Come too far now to justify itself, moreover Global Leaders and Governments are seriously considering Cryptocurrency as a Legal Tender.

I believe Crypto is Come of Age now and it is no longer the Big Leagues Luxury. So Many New Exchanges, Thousands of Cryptocurrencies and Tons of opportunities are blooming into investments worldwide and are now easily accessible to common people. We all have our own struggle and Success experiences into crypto world and every time its a new opportunity and new learnings.

Smart Contracts, DeFi, NFTs, Diesel Pools etc are becoming new talk of crypto town. People always loved Innovations and new technologies. Its high time they tried something new with fiat currency. An easy. Fast and secure transactions of crypto is widely accessible and most people enjoy the anonymity in transactions.

Well the inception of Bitcoin in late 2008, and unknown identity 'Satoshi Nakamoto' created something interesting with integration of many ideas but all that was not much publicly known at least till 2010-2011 when people bacame familiar with concept of Cryptocurrency and since then it been exceptional and unbelievable growth. Crypto has taken our daily life experience to the next level. Hive, Splinterlands, Hive-Engine are common examples of how well cryptocurrency influenced others streams of innovative technologies and ideas and giving us better methodologies and vision.

I don't know whether it was an experiment or a fully designed road map by Satoshi Nakamoto but he definitely unleashed something that has completely transformed the E-World. Crypto is foundation of metaverse and blockchain. There is no turning back now and no matter how hard any regulatory authority around the world try to regulate or ban it, it will only promote it one way the other. The Rising Market Influence and Capitalization of Cryptocurrencies is just getting started and we might possibly see 10 Trillion Dollar Market Cap before 2025. So without any worries or doubts sit back and relax, join the revolution if you haven't and stay ready for take off, because you never know, it might happen anytime, anyday. Stay on Watch 😊

@lupafilotaxia, Shares an informative Post on Crypto asset diversification , a great strategy we should definitely adopt. Always remember never to put all your eggs in one basket. 👍

in order to capitalise on high returns, it is not enough to apply trading strategies based exclusively on technical indicators, as it is also recommended to manage a diversified investment portfolio, built with uncorrelated or slightly correlated crypto assets that provide a higher probability of maximising our returns by adjusting the risk of economic losses.

My entry for the DCC contest organized by @clixmoney, check out the contest post here
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