DCooperation + Comentador commenting contest - Life changing comment !


I'm happy to announce the collaboration of DCooperation with Comentador community !

This is our first collaboration, and we created a contest together, all thanks to @garybilbao !


For more details, you may check this post: Testimony: a comment that changed your life.

You all know how commenting is important in hive blockchain. It's all about the engagement, and that's great. Some comments may even change our point of view, or make things clearer to us. And the more feedback we get, the faster we improve !

But sometimes we feel that a comment really changed our lives or pushed us to think deeper, or even open our eyes to things we never thought about ! So, your task in this contest, is to find such comment. Or remember it. So, you can write about a comment, either in #Hive or outside the platform. Or just check comments in hive and write about, why you think that's a life changing one !


Requirements :

  1. Be creating in your writing. Format your post nicely. Add some illustrations. You may even create a video on @threespeak !

  2. Post in DCooperation community

  3. Quote the comment you would like to talk about, or at least part of it. Or share a screenshot of that comment.

  4. Mention the author of the comment and share a clickable link of the comment.

  5. Use #hivecomments and #dcc tags among the first 5 tags.

  6. You may write a post in any language you want.

  7. Invite at least two hivers to participate.

  8. Share your entry in the comments of this post.

  9. Reblog this post: Testimony: a comment that changed your life. (it will be taken into account when awarding prizes).

  10. Enjoy. ☺


Prizes :

  • First prize: 10 Hive and 10 DCC tokens.
  • Second Prize: 7 Hive and 5 DCC tokens.
  • Third Prize: 3 Hive and 2.5 DCC tokens.

The best entries will be upvoted by featured posts will be upvoted by @clixmoney and @dcooperation. You may even get an upvote from @aliento and @theycallmedan.

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