Archon Art Contest - Footers, Memes, Art

The Archon Community is hosting a contest for Archon assets!


Art by @doze and @brittandjosie

Create Footers, Memes, or Archon art - get creative!

ARCHON is a Greek word that means "a ruler, a head of state or other leader"

There will be ARCHON prizes awarded and all winning entries will be pinned into the Assets room in the Archon Discord for the community to use on their posts.

Please provide your entries or links to your entry posts in a comment on this post.

@taskmanager will be the contest judge.

img_0.7102132589551156.jpgentry by @doze and @brittandjosie

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Archon Primer by @ecoinstats

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All art on this post was created by @doze and @brittandjosie



by @barbara-orenya

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