ARCHON Tribe News

Hello Hiveans, Archon Tribe news here!

If you don't know, there is a lot going on in our tribe!
We are creating an open development environment where all participants can use our services and thus create added value for themselves, for the communities, and for the Hive.


We also have very active communities in our tribe that regularly publish contests open to all Hive blockchain users!
With our automated support tools, everyone is rewarded with Archon tokens by actively posting and commenting!

Let's see what's happening right now!

Shadow Hunters Community

One of the oldest communities in Hive, with more than 1600 members. You can post all your original photos of shadows and reflections.
The community runs three weekly contests.

Contest: Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest
Round 190 is running. This is awesome! 190 weeks of shadow hunting, thanks to @melinda010100 and her persistence.
Collage and selection of shadows from contests.


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Contest: Reflection Hunters Contest
Round 36 is running, thanks to @annephilbrick. Original photos of reflections are needed for this contest.


📷 📷 📷

Contest: Guess The Shadow
Round 10 is running, thanks to @eolianpariah. You need to guess what's the object which is creating the shadow and post the comment.


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Feathered Friends Community

All things about birds, our feathered friends. Community with more than 1900 members and runs two weekly contests.

Contest: Show Me A Photo/SMaP Contest
Running by @nelinoeva, round 41.
The collage of amazing birds from previous contests.


📷 📷 📷

Contest: Let Our Picture Tell Your Story
Edition 10. Contest hosting by @wrestlingdesires. It's the story you need to post in the comment.


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Ladies Of Hive Community

A community that focuses on women and their interests, with more than 2000 members, running by @silversaver888 and @thekittygirl. Female voices and ideas should find equal representation in all corners of the blockchain. The community run one weekly contest.

Contest: Ladies of Hive Contest
Running by @ladiesofhive, round 53. Check the rules!


📷 📷 📷

If you have a small community or idea for a contest or you want to use our automated support tools just contact us at ARCHON discord. Ask questions and find answers.

As I mention, the most important here is social interaction and participation between users.
By posting and commenting in these communities, you are rewarded with Archon tokens. In contests, you earn Hive coins, too.


Take the challenge and post your stories in pictures and words. I'm sure someone will be interested in your experience.
It's very simple: If you grow, the community grows!

So, what do you wait for? Check contests for specific rules and win rewards! Just tag any of your posts with #archon.


Stay tuned!

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