ARCHON sub-community contests!

Hello again from ARCHON Tribe!

ARCHON is a tribe of open development, ideas and automation. We are building layerware tools that can support others - support the users, projects and communities that can make and are making HIVE great. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible (and even what is desirable) to do on HIVE, with HIVE.

We have several sub-communities using ARCHON!

In our Discord, which you all are welcome to attend, we have an announcement channel where these communities are able to publish their updates and their activities - there are a lot of great contests going on right now!

Take a look at this excellent contest:

Show me a Shadow - Shadow Hunters!


Check it out and submit your shadow photographs for a chance to win!

There is also a story contest!

Let our Picture Tell your Story!

What are these two penguins up to? Write a story for a chance to win!

Are you a lady?

@ladiesofhive has a contest for you!


Check it out and participate for a chance to win!

You can win prizes on HIVE!

And the real prize is finding friends and participating socially with your words, images and stories.

Don't forget about Reflection Hunters Contest!

Here at @archonapp we are looking to support great micro-communities on hive under our banner. If you have a small community contest or other activity, consider joining ARCHON discord or using some of our automation to support what you love doing best - building community!

You can use our front-end at or just tag any of your posts with #archon!

Until Next Time!

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