ARCHON Features: Community Controlled Voting Bot

Hello again from ARCHON Tribe!

ARCHON is a tribe of open development, ideas and automation. We are building layerware tools that can support others - support the users, projects and communities that can make and are making HIVE great. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible (and even what is desirable) to do on HIVE, with HIVE.

One of our great features for communities is our Community Controlled Voting bot!

The Community Controlled Voting bot is currently used by the EDENBUXX community to manage the @ecosaint account.

Many communities have a 'main account' that can come through and vote on members posts. But often, that account is controlled by a single person, who might not have to time to curate effectively or show love spread across an entire community. Our Community-Controlled Voting bot is the solution! The ability to call the bot on Posts or Comments can be controlled by stake or balance of any hive-engine token.

EDENBUXX community limits the calling of the @ecosaint vote to 1/day per 10 EDENBUXX staked, and allows comment voting.

We have this code ready to implement for your community!


Its as easy as @ mentioning the bot in a comment or reply, or you can set up your own unique 'codeword'!


The cost for this service is just 500 staked ARCHON or 1 ARCHONM on the account.

Support for users

One of the most important things for us at ARCHON tribe is to support the users and projects that make our chain strong, and that's why we work hard to code useful tools for you and your communities!

Get in touch with us in our Discord!

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