The guild of Neoxian won their first brawl 2.0


I actually wanted to post about my seasonal performance but posting our guild performance instead. Because of the exceptional performance of our players in brawl 2.0, I couldn't resist myself so I had to post about it. Again we were up against 3 IG guilds. Since some of our players are no more in the guild so we had to accept some new players. We still don't trust those players when it comes to brawling. But we will have to test them anyway. To compete in tier 3 which is most likely on the way we need more players. So before getting to that stage I want to test some new players in brawls. But for the past couple of brawls, we have been up against all Ig guilds and we all know IG is full of great players. For this we try to go with those players we think can do well in the brawls.

In our first 2.0 brawl, we won against the best guilds and also won 98 crowns. Each player who participated in this brawl earned 4900 merits so as a winning guild our players were able to buy at least 2 Gladius packs. With this rate, it is going to take forever to upgrade gladiators :P XD Splinterlands playing with our emotions :P XD

Brawl 2.0 challenges

Since Brawl 2.0 has introduced rewards for the participating members so now all of a sudden all sleeping players are awakened. But being a guild officer I am not going to compromise on guild performance. I will be very mean to many players but sorry guys I will do what I will think is the best for our guild.

I will give chance to all new and old players by assigning them lower league frays. Why not high league? sorry high league frays are very competitive so we will go with those players who have all the cards.

My proposal

I will judge players upon their performance. If I have assigned you a fray and your performance is 75 or above 75% then congrats you will get the chance to play the next brawl as well. But if your performance is below 75% sorry some other player will get the chance. If I am playing untamed/ dice fray and I lose 3 battles out of 8 then I will drop myself in the next brawl and anyone of you who have untamed/dice deck can play that fray. But there is one condition you have to have all cards. Sorry, I am being mean here but it is what it is. I played gf fray I rented plenty of cards for just brawling so yes brawling is a serious matter to us. It is not a random game you will play for some merits.

Gold foil frays

Gold foil frays are fixed because we don't have enough players with gold foil cards. If your performance is bad in the normal foil fray you can get the chance to play gold foil fray if you have all those gold cards. I want our guild members to feedback regarding this because it is just my thought and I have not discussed it with anyone yet.

I welcome our guild players feedback.

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