Is Dcity an "Invest and forget" game or ''Buy and own''?


Today, I realised I am getting some hive just because I am holding SIM. Sim is the Dcity token that you earn by playing the Dcity game. Well by playing? hmm I guess no because there is no gameplay but mathematical calculations :P XD

I am getting some hive, SIM, entry tokens on daily basis. I never checked what are they worth. But then I asked myself Is Dcity based on Invest and forget strategy or Buy and own strategy? Now I am confused between these two. I have been thinking all along that I have invested in this game and now I own a city and I am a mayor of my city and time to earn some passive income. For me, Dcity revolves around both invest and forget and buy and own. I have purchased some cards and now I own them. But invest and forget strategy is what i actually don't like. It means you don't want to take risks in anything you are investing and without having any fear of loss you are getting profits. This strategy is pretty boring and it takes away all the interest of an investor. I am still failed to understand why I am even holding my city, maybe because I know who is the dev of this game and he is pretty smart. Dcity game must be like what he thought about it that it should be. Maybe I wasn't for this game. I couldn't develop my interest in this game. I believe in the hold so I will be holding my city and will follow its progress. There is nothing bad getting some hive and other tokens on daily basis.

A couple of weeks ago when i logged into my hive engine I got surprised after seeing my SIM balance. I was wondering from where i got such a huge amount of SIM. I checked my all transactions when I couldn't figure it out then I went to ask the same question on their server. But I didn't get any reliable answer so I didn't bother to research about it anymore.

I got to know about it when Neo sir told us all those who contributed to Neoxag Pool got a pretty large amount of SIM tokens. I contributed almost 80k neoxag in diesel pool and I received 150k SIM dang that was pretty awesome and I regret why didn't I contributed more in the diesel pool.

I purchased a lot of Dcity cards and they all were trash. Now when I saw I am getting almost 0.5hive/day upon holding the SIM token I decided to collect more SIM. Now I don't buy any cards collecting them for better hive rewards. You can say I purchased something and I own that thing I forgot about that thing and still earning some income from it. Dcity is a good game if you want to invest in something where you could generate some passive income. Still not financial advice though but I kinda like it now. I have stopped crying over tax and less income. I have accepted the way this game going so I am all chill now.

Keep playing games and keep supporting Hive block chain stay tuned see ya.

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