Dpet hunting coming soon


Heya pet masters,

I am a tiny pet master but at least I am trying :P. I didn't go crazy in this game but for the sake of an initial investor now I am an owner of five Dpets. This game is still under heavy development and it is good to see they are launching new things on daily basis. Almost every day there is a new announcement from DPet officials that what they are up to. Collaboration with new projects is a sign that this game is going in the right direction. Recently they collaborated with contentos in order to bring new gameplay for DPet.

Anyways the first thing I do when I log into my laptop I do connect to Dpet and collect my resources. Currently, I have 5 dpet and they are all level 10. I can breed my pets now but for this, I will have to evolve my pets first. Evolve process also requires a DPet token so I am just being lazy and leaving it at what they are right now.

Recently they announced a big development regarding hunting and staking DPet. Yea now we can stake our dpets and they will earn dpet tokens for us. Earning the dpet tokens will be dependant on the rarity of your pet. I am just assuming and I am not sure about it at all. I am assuming on the basis of all those nft games I am playing right now. You get rewards on the basis of how rare things you have.

Staking Hunting DPet



Rules are pretty clear regarding hunting. You can stake only 10 Dpets/day. And you can send your Dpet to a hunting centre just once in their life. It is not like you are staking, unstacking and again staking. So I kind of like it and It seems pretty cool. People won't abuse. Your pet will collect food and Dpet tokens. The food limit is 50k/day I guess. during hunting, your pet will not be able to do any other tasks. For example, they won't do any other thing on your farm because they are in the hunting centre and not on your farm. They won't be able to use in Boss fights etc.

Currently, I am level 17 and patiently waiting for level 18 because at level 18 I can buy more lands in order to harvest more crops. Let's see what brings my 30$ investment into this game.

This is a little update on what's happening in My Defi pet world. see ya

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