Brawl 2.0 updates-Got my first Gladius legendary


Guild Brawl phase 2 has been released and you can find more information in thereGuild Brawls Phase 2 Release (TODAY) & Other Updates

Time to brag a little. Those who left guilds for short term benefits and those who are leaving guild thinking guild dues are too much to stay in the guild. For those who haven't joined any guild yet this post might help you a little. I am going to talk about a new brawl update where now every brawler will receive merits for participating and later they can use those merits to buy Gladius packs. Yes, Gladius packs are only for brawls. Gladius are an overpowered set of cards that are specially designed for only brawls. You can't use them in normal ranked battles. I am super excited because now the brawls are going to be real fun. But every interesting thing brings disadvantages as well. Now those idle players of your guild will be willing to play brawl since there are rewards now. In our guild, the good thing is from day 1 I took this responsibility into my hands. I assign fry to those accounts i think can do better in the brawl. I've been screaming from the day 1 guy's please update your decks no one listened to me now don't complain if you don't get the chance.




Neo sir upgraded Barracks and store to Level 4. At level 4, we have unlocked 4 tactics. For more tactics, we need more crowns and more decs. Now I get it Hwy IG was so desperate for crowns :P XD.

I participated in test brawl 2.0 and I was rewarded with 5000 merits. I used those merits and purchased 2 gladius case.




Merits are the currency you use to buy gladius cases but you can only earn merits by playing brawls so there is no other way to purchase gladius cases. It will take ages to upgrade gladius cards. I pulled one legendary out of two gladius cases.

You can't sell, transfer or delegate gladius packs. You can burn them for decs. And Gladius cards will also increase the SPS drop points. I think it's gonna be huge fun.

We the guild of neoxian also recruiting some high-level players.

!!!The Guild of Neoxian is looking for Champion, diamond and gold League worthy players. Come join the fight and battle amongst the best in splinterlands in our top 10 Guild! We have several vacancies available for the right people!!!
We already have enough silver bronze league players. Please don't dm if you are a silver or bronze league player.

We don't have joining charges and we don't ask for any security. All we need is you should be an active player, responsible, and responsive to Dm's if needed.
But all of our guild members contribute 1k Dec per season as payment to help maintain guild buildings.


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If you want to play splinterlands then SignUp Here


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