Be smart, Be Aware, Be very careful

Your crypto assets are your own responsibility, So be very careful. When there is money then there are high chances of scamming as well. Today when I finished my routine work I went to check the Maverick channel on splinterlands official Server. I only visit the Maverick channel because general chat is a very rushy place and full of scammers and whinners, complainers etc. I stay away from negative energy so i don't bother to check general chat. The maverick channel is the place where you get to know what big whales are up to right now. I love reading their views suggestions. Also, you get plenty of other information as well. While catching up on chats I got to know that another big splinterlands account got hacked. The account name is Mad-runner. I was shocked because I have had plenty of battles against mad-runner. That account is quite old as well so I still don't know how he got hacked. He lost 50k$ worth of splinterlands assets and it is quite painful news of the day. The scammer who scammed his account somehow is selling cards up down right left. Seriously scammers are brutal. They don't realise how one has built their assets. Such brutality stone-heart people. Karma will get him soon.

After reading all this I was really scared and since I am using the same account for blogging and gaming it was, even more, scary for me. I just went ahead and started locking my cards. I am done with my all legendries and almost the whole death deck has been locked. Thanks to splinterlands who introduces an extra layer of security. Cards I have maxed and not going to sell, trade etc I have locked for a maximum of 30 days so in case any bad luck happens scammer won't be able to sell cards right away.

Security measurements

If you have a big good account in splinterlands then I would suggest please set your recovery account to someone who you trust a lot. You should lock all cards you are not planning on selling or trading. You can also lock your delegated cards and the card you are renting out.

For example, I have 2 peaceful giants. One is maxed and one is level 7. Level 7 I am delegating to my alt account so I have locked both cards.


If you get an unknown Dm with links please don't respond and click those links. If you get a link on hive blockchain please be very careful before clicking on any link. Unfortunately, if your account got hacked please inform your friends immediately. because most likely scammers can send phishing links to your friends as well using your account. When I get any unknown dm I immediately block and delete that account. I try not to click any unknown link or the link I don't feel safe. We all are responsible for our crypto assets so be very cautious.

In other news, i just maxed my two legendries. Theorosa nightshade and Almo Cambio. Now you can't wait for the price dip it will eventually go higher so now the things are like push and shove.




I have decided to max one legendary every season. This is the only way to max my dice legendaries. That's all for now stay safe and careful.

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