Hive Power Up Day 2023

Hive Power Up Day 1.1.2023!

Greetings Hive!
Today is the start of a brand new year! We have a clean slate and a fresh opportunity to make changes to our lives for the better, and for others' lives, too.


One way I'm making a step to help both myself and others on Hive is to participate in Hive Power Up Day by @traciyork #HPUD. I haven't participated consistently with PUD, but I'm going to attempt to remember this on the first day of each month. Does anyone want to be my reminder buddy?

We who use the Hive platform benefit in countless ways. By powering up we are collectively improving the blockchain and assuring its continued success. I powered up 120 Hive Power.


This past few weeks I've had the pleasure of joining a couple of warm communities, The Terminal and WeAreAlive. I don't have much free time outside of work hours and dealing with chronic migraine, but if you want encouragement these communities are wonderful along with my longtime Hive home,
@freewritehouse with @mariannwest (five minute freewrite prompt shared daily on her profile) @Palnet (my beginning place on Steemit) and TeamUSA.

I hope I completed all requirements for HPUD and I pray you all have a blessed 2022!!

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