The Lessons I Learned About Relationships From My Parents.

When I was young, my dad told me some things whenever a crisis happened between him and my mother, and part of what he told me was that when the time is right, you will understand everything I do tell you. But whenever he says this, I do feel like he's trying to make me take side with him because I do blame him for fighting my mother, which I don't know sometimes; it's not his fault but my mother's fault, but I do not see it from that angel.

Women on the other side can sometimes be stressful because of the way they are wired. I understand that we are not complete, and that's why we have to marry to complete one another. So whenever he tells me this, I just look away, and I don't drag too much with him, but recently, when I grew up to the level I am now, and I have moved with some certain kinds of ladies, I understood what he was trying to tell me then, and I had to call him and say now I understand what life is and what it means to tolerate a lady.

As a man, you have to be totally intolerant of the kind of human ladies are. I am not talking about the bias aspect, but trust me, sometimes as a guy, there are some things you don't have to do on the first time when you meet a lady because most of the guys believe that when you start dating a lady, you have to give her the best and sort a lot of bills before you can get attention, from which some ladies count it as a guy showering them love and the beginning of the courtship.


I have been a victim of this, which is why I am able to understand what this is. And actually, it is on both ends because I have some lady friends who have had these same issues with a guy they think they love, but the guy eventually did not love them, and it was just a game the guy has been playing with them. That is why relationships in the time we are now are not something we just jump into, or you meet someone and, within a twinkle of an eye, you suddenly fall in love with that person.

After that, when the person is unable to meet up with the standard you want and some of the things you want, it becomes a problem for you and the person you tend to love. Sometimes we don't discover this early, and most of us will proceed to marriage and then later discover that we are not compatible. This will be a problem for our entire lives, and most especially for the children we will give birth to, because it will be as if they never had any happy you. As a parent or as aspiring parents which we are planning to be, we should try not to cause havoc or problems for our children's future because whatever we do today will tell on them later.

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