Meeting of Alumni With Cadet College Principal

Hello everyone! how are you?
As I am ex cadet and i studied in cadet college. so we are Alumni of our cadet college.
We ex sherians/Students decided to make an association with the help and with the help of cadet college principal and staff.
It was a long and tough process but at last the Association was made.
There is a proper team now and every devision has a coordinateder now(Ex cadet).
So Actually this was a meeting with principal of college and staff with Us.(Devision coordinators) in which we had a night in cadet college.
Also this association is made up of seniors and juniors both.
So we had a great activities and meetings etc with principal if college and also we presented what we wanted to achieve for the purpose of betterment of active and past cadets.

The pictures will be shown below in whcih after meeting and more activities we had a swimming pool activity and cake cutting ceremony with principal.
It is worth watching- see it below 👇

So it was all the pictures i have.
Did you enjoy it? If yes then plz Support 🥰🙏

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