That Guy Whos Been Taking Pan Since 2014 DTLA September 2nd 2020

This is a music video from September 2020. Lost and probably considered an incomplete back burner project. I'm pretty sure this is a legitimate archive dump. Flag me down if I've posted this before. I am pretty sure it's a world premier video.
(pretty sure, bruh)

This video footage comes from a day of running errands around DTLA. We can see the CalMart building under construction. New Mart holding strong. Always a new store on the corner. That bank building is gone now.

I once had a blog post series featuring this same skyline in a collection of panoramic shots. Check out the old series here ... oh FFS it's on crap crap... nevermind.

This video is in a similar style, but doesn't contain all the panoramic shots I collected.

Obviously, not an AI video. It's distorted, but I did that with my time and sense of exploration/creativity.
I actually took the time and effort to go to LA's Garment District. I learned things along the way.

Anyway, enjoy the city the way it was near the end of 2020. Skyline probably looks different. Homelessness and skid-row probably seems similar.
Look, lol, I had a mask over my beard.

Music in Video:

This videos song title is "Virus Corona" from the album titled "Hoard COVID-19 T.P." by Coronahedroseph 2.


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