Hive power up Challenge.

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The beginning of every month for Hive power up Challenge. A day set apart to enlighten everyone on Hive the essence of keep powering up their hive on the account. This act will encourage Hivians to join in this campaign.

Steps of Power up Exercise

These steps of Power up Exercise includes:

Step 1:

Log into your wallet, click on pop-down button and select Power up

Step 2:
On the dialog box, type in the amount of hive to be powered up. In my case, 3 hive

Step 3
Confirm the tranfer into vesting by clicking at OK.

Step 4
Sign in with your active or master password to initiate the transaction and to be prove on block chain.

Congratulations. The power up exercise is completed
My Hive power before the exercise.

My Hive power after the exercise.


The Power up exercise is very important because it enriches our hive ecosystem and improve of the skate-weight of the individual accounts on the ecosystem. The voting weight of the account also improved too.

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