Hello everyone, how are you doing with the Splinterlands weekly challenge? This week, we'll talk about the Odd Ones Out ruleset in Splinterlands battles.

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We will go over the rules for Splinterlands card battles once a week. This will undoubtedly help you develop Splinterlands battle strategies. We can organize better strategies if we understand the intricacies of the regulations. Regular cards can sometimes easily defeat legendary cards with the right strategy.


If you find the above symbol in the Splinterlands battle, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Only there will be monsters with odd amounts of mana in the battle. As a result, certain monsters in your card collection will not appear when you choose a team to fight with.
  2. This rule does not affect summoners. Even if the number of mana is even, you can choose a summoner.

You should also pay attention if any additional rules go along with the Odd Ones Out rules, and make sure that these rules do not conflict with each other.


The following is a battle played according to the Odd Ones Out ruleset.

When deciding which elements to use, the elements fire, water, earth, and life are available. As a result of that decision, I used a life element summoner. The maximum amount of mana that can be used is 38. It is also clear that, in addition to the Odd Ones Out rule, there is a Target Practice rule.

I chose FRANZ RUFFMANE as my summoner, who comes with an extra shield for all monsters. Aside from that, his ability to summon gladiator monsters is the reason I chose to send CAPTAIN KATIE.

In this fight, I devised a strategy to counteract my opponent's attacks. As a result, I included IZIAR and placed it in the back. I also chose SPIRIT HOARDER as a healer for IZIAR. I positioned the IMPERIAL KNIGHT in front, behind thick armor. With this selection of monsters, I used the remaining 4 mana points to select STICH LEECH and GARGOYA SCRAPPER.

The enemy appears to have used the same summoner, FRANZ RUFFMANE, and his army of life element monsters.

MARISOL CONTUMA's speed allowed her to attack first in the first round. The IMPERIAL KNIGHT's shield, however, was able to deflect his attack. Using the SNIPE ability, IZIAR and CAPTAIN KATIE defeated the VENARI MARKSRAT that had been purposefully placed between MARISOL CONTUMA and GOBSON BOMBER. Martyr's skill is active, increasing the two monsters' attack power.

CAPTAI KATIE, on the other hand, was able to activate the bloodlust skill. The IMPERIAL KNIGHT and STITCH LEECH both attack the enemy.

MARISOL CONTUMA's attack in the second round failed to eliminate IMPERIAL KNIGHT. Only then did the DRIBONE BARBARIAN attack succeed in eliminating the IMPERIAL KNIGHT. GARGOYA SCRAPPER moves to the front of the battle formation.

MARISOL CONTUMA was still unable to activate her bloodlust skill in the third round. CAPTAIN KATIE, on the other hand, was able to reactivate the bloodlust skill by defeating DRIBONE BARBARIAN. MARISL CONTUMA's attack was normalized thanks to SPIRIT HOARDER's Dispel skill.

MARISOL CONTUMA successfully activated the bloodlust skill in the fourth round. SPIRIT HOARDER, however, restored normalcy. The combined attacks of CAPTAIN KATIE and IZIAR deplete the health points of the opposing monsters.

MARISOL CONTUMA was eliminated in the fifth round. Make GOBSON BOMBER advance. It was targeted by IZIAR and CAPTAIN KATIE's attacks because GOBSON BOMBER is the archer monster. GOBSON BOMBER was eventually knocked out at the end of the round. And BLINDING REFLECTOR was unable to face my monsters in the remaining rounds. I was successful in stealing the victory from my opponent.

Here's the link to the fight. You can observe the battle's progress.




I was able to take advantage of my monsters' odd amounts of mana in this fight. I can use CAPTAI KATIE and the legendary monster IZIAR because summoners from the life element. Each round, the combination of IZIAR and SPIRIT HOARDER can heal health points.

The strategy of breaking up the opponent's attacks in the back ended up saving IMPERIAL KNIGHT from attacks that depleted his shield points. Meanwhile, the SPIRIT HOARDER role is also very good. Aside from healing IZIAR, it can also normalize all bonuses held by opposing monsters.

The enemy appears to be attempting to maximize MARSIL CONTUMA's abilities and hoping for the bloodlust skill to activate. It's just that the shield always blocks all of these attacks. This is what prevents MARSIL's bloodlust skill from activating. CAPTAIN KATIE's magic attacks were successful in breaching the opponent's monster shield.

There are no special tricks for this ruleset, but having an idea of mana points of a few monsters helps in predicting what your opponent can and cannot use.

There isn't much difference in this battle because it is only limited by presenting monsters with an odd number of mana. The ruleset strategy is to complete our card collection. Because if our card collection is small, our monster options will be limited. The battle, however, can be won with the right card collection.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end; I hope this can help you strategize in splinterlands battles.

That concludes my post on the Splinterlands challenge. Don't forget to sign up for the next challenge.

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