Looking for deadly gaps behind enemy shields [ARMORED UP] ⚔️ Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets

Hello there, warriors of the Splinterlands.

The fight has several rules that must be followed. They will help each other to win if combined with our card collection. Ordinary cards, as long as they follow the rules of battle, can defeat strong cards that do not follow the rules of battle. This adds to the thrill of splinterlands battles in which not everything is decided by expensive and rare cards.

For example, in splinterlands battles, all monsters receive an additional bonus shield at the start. Armored Up is the rule.

Armored up is a condition in which all monsters gain +2 armor at the start of the game. Of course, with these conditions, some monsters benefit, and some monsters suffer. Some owners of magic-type cards like this rule for a variety of reasons. Because magic attacks would benefit from this rule.

If you find it in your fight, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  1. The Armored up rule affects monsters with melee and archer attacks. Because the shield must be removed first, an additional round is required to injure the opponent's monster.
  2. This rule benefits monsters with magical attacks. Then, using magic attacks, maximize it.
  3. However, magic attacks will be blocked if the opponent uses the void armor ability, which renders the shield impenetrable to magic attacks.
  4. The armored-up rule will be rendered ineffective if the opponent summons a summoner that removes the shield bonus. The summoners ASTRAL ENTITY, WIZARD OF EASTWOOD, and ETERNAN BRUNE all have this ability.
  5. The Piercing and Shatter abilities are incompatible with the armored-up rule. In the meantime, the shield repair ability will help the armored-up ruleset.


In this battle, I was confronted with a dragon summoner QUIX THE DEVIOUS that reduced my speed and arrow attack by one point. Using the Dragon summoner allows you to send monsters with higher levels. However, I attempted to exploit the applicable fighting rules.

Except for the death element, the battle rules allow the use of all elements. I use magic attack-type monsters with 48 mana and avoid archer monsters. This is certainly following the existing battle rules.

I employ a strategy that divides the opponent's attack into two directions. So I put a monster with the Taunt ability on the back, and a monster with large shield points and the void armor ability on the front. The goal of breaking the attack is to allow me to attack the opponent directly to reduce health with existing magical monsters.

However, it turns out that the opponent also employs monsters with taunt abilities as well as void armor. SCAVO HIRELING, a monster capable of armor repair, is also present. It appears that the struggle will be difficult against the enemy battle line. It's just that the opposing team has flaws because they are dominant in using monsters with melee attacks. This is undoubtedly less profitable under the armored-up rule.

And it's been proven that once my team defeated AGOR LONGTAIL, the magic attacks had no trouble dispatching the monsters in the opposing team's final line. While my strategy of dividing the attacks, combined with the SPIRIT HOARDER's healing ability, allowed me to survive until the end of the battle.


How do I capitalize on opportunities?

I sent a tank monster in front with the Void armor ability in anticipation of the opponent using monsters with magical attacks. Of course, if that occurs, the opposing team will struggle to remove the shield by 10 points before reducing LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR's health points.

Aside from that, the summoner I used was adequate. With the addition of a one-point magic attack and four magic monsters on my team, I now have four effective attacks that are not blocked by the opponent's shield.

The use of melee monsters, specifically SAND WORM, aims to finish off the opponent with a single strike. After LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR destroys the opponent's shield, an attack point of 5 points is sufficient to defeat the opponent. Because the SAND WORM's speed point is one, it must attack at the turn's end.

It's also made more difficult by AGOR LONGTAIL's ability to Taunt and Void Armor, which works in tandem with SCAVO HIREILING's ability to repair shield. However, if the opponent's attack was divided into two directions, that strategy might work well. However, AGOR LONGTAIL was subjected to all of my team's attacks during this fight and was unable to survive.

As a result of that battle, several conditions were obtained that may describe the effectiveness of void armor, the effectiveness of magical attacks, and the use of summoners following ARMORED UP rules.

Other combinations will almost certainly differ if Armored up is used alongside another ruleset in battle. Continue to experiment with combining monster abilities with Armored up ruleset.

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