My habits and why I have changed

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I like to be late to meetings, as I don't think it's nice to have someone waste my time, in a discussion that should be record and send to my device, until this happens.

My friends had a meeting about what the activities of our annual party would be, as is usually my style, I was late for the meeting, I did not know that a vote was passed for the house to choose the person who will host the get together party.

I was looking forward to host it because some people have hosted it countless times, but since I was late for the meeting, the decision was already made, I tried to reverse the previous discussion about who would host the party, but no one wants to go back anymore and say something like that.

I got worried and started fighting with my innermost self, I couldn't blame anyone because it's clearly proven that no one should be blamed except me, who likes to be late for meetings, on the day of the event, I wasn't free with myself not to think of being free in the events ground, it was not like me who likes to move from one place to another.

I could not stop to think that I have felt myself and most importantly my friends who were looking up to me to be the man of the day.

All I did was sit in one place because I was too cold to be bold, everyone gave their speech about what they have accomplished last year, I did mine but I wasn't that free because I wasn't the man I claim to be to my friends and myself.

Since that day I realized that being late to something isn't nice at all, because it takes nothing away if you go on time, everything activities have ethics, then to see it come through, you must understand to follow the right way.

Some habits are not only good for someone to keep, because they are too old-fashioned to adore, when you find out those habits that are not nice, it is better to throw them away, so as to avoid looking stupid in front of people. that are related to you.

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