Working Smartly or Harder....

For a very long period of time, I was told "you need to choose this profession in your life"! I thought probably this is how it works in real life! Without your consciousness, you just follow what you are told by your elders, teachers, and those who are close to you. Little did I know, this infatuation was to be faded away as soon as I was to meet LIFE in person!

When you think of it this way, you can not blame some parents for keeping this mentality within themselves. As most of the parents has seen the world very differently than we have. Over time they have gradually been made of who they are today. It would be very difficult to change their way of thinking. And regardless, as a child, it is our duty to make our parents happy in every possible way.

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Being able to work smartly is probably the best-case scenario for a person to reach to the goal. It might sound little exaggerating but if you can not work smartly enough as of today, you are going to be left behind. The perspective of life has changed a lot over the centuries. Making use of the attributes around us, is probably the best possible way to make growth in your life.

It could be anything! Could you imagine that by writing we can make a handsome amount of money and that even more than a custom job in a third world country. Some people might not believe it but the revolution has already begun and the changes are in effect and we are getting the fruits of it. Similarly, there are plenty of activities that can change your lifestyle and make your life little less troublesome than it already is. And believe me or not if you are not willing to make a change for yourself, no one can do it for you.

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Life is a very difficult place. It will show you facts and reasons in real time. All those made up things, that are thrown at you in institutions, most of them will be just words at some point to you. Do not get me wrong, influence, power, and money plays a vital role in a person's life. Lack of any of these may cost you in several ways. At the end of the day, this a practical world, no emotions seems to work out in here.

So always try to work smarter than harder. Think of it this way, if only working harder could make a person reach to his/her destination than all people who works tirelessly in a their day job and that which requires only physical strength, those people would have become successful in their life and probably would lived a luxurious life.

No work is smaller or bigger! It is the outcome which makes all the difference. If you can grab that, then it should be your stairs to the second floor of your life and the floors shall rise and your empire shall keep on rising.

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It is difficult to change some people's mentality. If I am being honest, I have given up in that sector. I may sound a bit harsh but the sad reality of life is, "time and tide wait for none". If you are a person who does not get a view of facts and ideas, it is possibly a waste of time to make you see what is what, under a certain circumstances.

Time is of essence! If you can not cope up to that, you will be left behind. Due to the revolution of technology, we have seen plenty of developments happening in our country. The living standard went up, our priority level saw a significant improve and most importantly even being in a third world country people are being a part of this revolution. That is an achievement of the mankind.

At the end, I would just say, it is your life and we have a limited amount of time and choice to make our future. Do not let it go to waste! Use it, in the right way!


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