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~ 😘 Hello Splinterlands lovers around the world 😘 ~

Welcome back to my blog, @queen-silvia. In today's post, we are going to discuss about some epic battle strategies at Bronze League. Why Bronze? In my opinion, Having good skills at Bronze is very important since the rental cost is very cheap and the prize for gold foil tournament is pretty decent. In additional, there are so many Bronze league tournaments at Splinterlands (either SPS or non SPS tournament) unlike the diamond or gold league which are only a few. below pictures are showing some Bronze tournaments which are having pretty nice rewards :



And here is the SPS rewards for those who finished at very high rank (The top 5 result of the current Bronze Wild Gold Foil Tournament :

Pretty good rewards for such a small rental cost. So whether you are a new player in Splinterlands or veteran player, I would suggest you to join Bronze Tournament to compete for these prize. I wish the battle strategies that I shared in this post could be useful for those of you who want to win either Brawl, Leaderboard or Tournament.

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Alright, The top Wild Bronze Gold Foil tournament strategies that we are going to discuss in depth are :

  1. Creeping Ooze, The game changer
  2. Use "Double Healer" instead of "Single Healer"
  3. Pull all the enemies attack to the 6th position using Taunt
  4. Valnamor with magic army is one of the best Summoner in Fog of War ruleset
  5. Never use Llama or Byzantine Kitty in "Tis but Scratches" Ruleset

At the beginning of this article, I will share the result of the first and final round of the tournament and... at the end, there will be a giveaway #55 to grab so Let's get started !



Here is the result of Round 1 tournament :

At the first round, I have met several strong players from Immortal Gods guild, They are ; @dragon.rider, @prince.kai, @goodasgold, and @pladozero. I lost 3 matches out of 4. Hmm, It's always hard to fight against those Immortal Gods army because they have variety of solid strategies in any mana and rulesets but it's also exciting to write down whenever I lose against them and put the strategies in a well arranged database for the future reference. Some other players that I have successfully beat are @pladozero, @the-pockets, @thespican, @goldeck, @shadowwolf888, @iamyourdaddy, and @noisme. For those of you who had fought against me, thank you very much. That was a good game. See you in the next battle guys.

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And here is the result of final round :

I did better in the final round where I took a 1 L only against @byzantinist. The match was Yodin Zaku against Yodin Zaku and I lose due to the speed difference. We'll have more discussion about the battle strategy in the next chapter. I won the rest of the 9 matches against @splinterlands-ru, @beeyou, @raynie, @notaboutme, @goodasgold, @prince.kai, @hornman, @jaki01, @splinterlands-ru. The final matches were very exciting and thrilling. I enjoyed every single win against all of them. XD. Thank you for the battle guys and see you all in the next tournaments. Alright, In the next chapter we'll discuss about the top 5 epic battle strategies to win 1068 SPS at Bronze Wild Gold Foil Tournament. I hope you can enjoy it 😊.



Stampede, Briar Patch26Fire, Dragon


We both used the same line up (Yodin Zaku along with the snipe ranged attack) since we knew that line-up is the best in the battle where only fire and dragon available. The rulesets are Briar Patch and Stampede. The Briar Patch indicates that there won't be any melee monsters in the battle field since the thorn ability will inflict 2 damage to them. The interesting point is the use of Creeping Ooze. It's really became a game changer in Yodin vs Yodin battle. The player who attacked first will definitely win the battle and Creeping Ooze really helps @byzantinist to attack first and won the match. The Lord Arianthus I set in the battlefield has little impact since my opponent used snipe attack which attacks my monsters in the backline.



Fire and Regret27Fire, Water, Earth, Dragon


The next battle strategy is the benefits of using double healer instead of single healer. In Bronze league, It's very recommended to use healer as there's not many monsters who have affliction ability to negate healing ability. The most well-known monster who have affliction ability in Bronze league are Captain Ghost and Dr. Blight. In the match against @dragon.rider, Both players anticipated melee attack since the ranged attack would not be used in the battle due to "Fire and Regret" ruleset. We almost had the same line-up, The difference is just the Mushroom Seer & Earth Elemental (My line-up) and Goblin Psychic & Khmer Princess (@dragon.rider line up). The difference has big impact to the outcome of the battle since the double healer keep the Unicorn at my opponent side keep alive while my Unicorn is dying slowly as I only used 1 healer.



Melee Mayhem56Earth, Dragon


If the mana is high, let say more than 50, It's always a good idea to attract all of the enemies attack to the sixth position monster using the taunt ability to protect the tank monster alive as that monster is very important for the team. As we can see how @prince.kai arranged his team, He puts Coeurl Lurker at the sixth position to protect Unicorn Mustang from dying early. Putting Lurker at the backline is a good idea since the ruleset is melee mayhem as any melee monsters could attack from any position. He has double healer in his team, the first one is Byzantine Kitty and the second one is Goblin Psychic. He has another healer (Spirit Hoarder) who always restore the Coeurl health points in each round. For the attacking power, the choice of Grund and Carnage Titan are also a good decision since they can attack twice. Dragon splinter is always has been good option for the high mana battle.



Fog of War, Even Stevens54Earth, Water, Dragon


Well, In the fog of war rulesets, All monsters will attack the first position monster (opponent tank monster) unless they have monsters who have opportunity ability. So, the best thing we can do is to put the strong tank monsters in the first and second position to hold all of the opponent's attack. It would be recommended to use monsters who have Void or Shield ability as the Void can reduce the magic attack and Shield ability can reduce the physical damage like melee or ranged attack. Valnamor is one of the best summoner to be used as he gives additional +1 magic to all of friendly monsters and in the high mana, along with the magic army, they are really powerful. The only team that can counter Valnamor is the GM Rathe and tank monster who have magic reflect ability. The monsters in the backline should be able to support the tank magic using tank heal ability or repair ability.



What Doesn't Kill You, Tis but Scratches12Fire, Water, Dragon


Well, If the ruleset wasn't Tis but Scratches, @iamyourdaddy will win the match easily, as he put the void dragon along with kitty to heal him in every round. However, The "Tis but Scratches" Ruleset makes every target loses 1 maximum health whenever they got hit by opponent attack, that means the maximum health points of Void Dragon will always decrease until it hits 1. When it happens, Byzantine Kitty would not be able to restore any HP and Void Dragon became so fragile towards any attack. In the battle above, Void Dragon only has 1 magic attack, while my team has 2 melee attack and 4 magic damage in total, It makes the HP reduction of Void Dragon is way faster and die quickly.



@byzantinekitty became the winner as he only suffered 3 loses, he collected 54 points from 18 Wins and 3 Loses. The second place is @silvia-plays, played by me. I got 4 L so I have to be satisfied at second position, The third place @goodplayer2020 (a.k.a Dthoughstuff, The Splinterfest 2022 winner) also collected 17 wins and 4 loses, but I have higher tie breaker points so he finished in the third place. The forth position is @matt-dub from Summoner's Tribe who has collected 16 Wins, 4 Loses and 1 draw. The fifth is @iamourdaddy with 16 Wins and 5 Loses. I would like to say Congratulations to the top 5 and see you guys in the next tournament.



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I hope I don't miss out any names there. Regardless you win or not, I hope you guys keep supporting me by participating in my upcoming giveaways because sharing to the community is fun. Here is the snapshot of the winner :

Congratulations to @ianballantine for winning Venari Knife. This card has Thorn and Backfire at maximum level which are very powerful in the battle.

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1 BCX of Venari Knife has been sent to IGN : @ianballantine, enjoy that Venari Knife 👍. For other participants who didn't win, you can try your luck taking a part in the next giveaway below (Giveaway #55).

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- GIVEAWAY #55 -

Alright, in the previous post we had a Chaos Legion card for the giveaway. In this giveaway post, there will be 1 Chaos Legion rare card that you could possibly win, Here is the card :
Molten Ash Golem

I will use Wheel of Names for the drawing and the name picked out will be given the card prize.

How to participate :
  1. Please put your IGN (In-Game Name) in the comment section.
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Notes :
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  2. The winner will be announced in the next giveaways.
  3. If you want to give feedback or critics, feel free to leave any comments. As long they are constructive and not offensive, they will be appreciated.
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  5. Every time I posted blogs whether Art Challenge, Battle Challenge or Social Media Challenge, there will be 1 card be rewarded for the giveaway winner.


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Alright, that's the end of this article guys, Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article and giveaway. Take care~


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