The most embarrassing moment

The image was edited by me.

The most embarrassing moment of my life wasn't a very pleasant one because it came to me so surprisingly.
Life is full of happy and sad moments because there is no how you won't experience bad times, we are humans and some things will happen no matter how much we try to avert it.

My embarrassing moment happened with my ex when he decided to embarrass me in a very big place full of crowds some years back.

He was a video editor and a good one at that, he collected a wedding video coverage and it was a very huge event which we were both happy about. He got to the event without the complete equipment that day, he forgot to go with the microphone of the camera which he called me to bring it for him.

We are not living in the same area so I had to take bike to his house and get the stuff. I was lucky to get to the event hall before the party started, I gave it to him and while he was fixing the speaker of the camera outside the event hall, a guy came and greeted him and he looked at me and said to me, "You look beautiful". It was just a good compliment whiandreplied him, "Thanks" with a little smile on my face.

Immediately the guy left I heard a very thick slap on my face and I couldn't feel my face for some minutes. In a public place, I couldn't hold the tear that was rolling down my cheeks and then after the slap he said, "Can't you tell him you are with your boyfriend?". I don't know the right word to say at the moment so I turned to leave and realized that everyone was looking at the drama that just happened.

I felt so embarrassed because I have never been humiliated like that in my entire life so I turned back to him and remove his proposal ring from my finger and throw it at him without saying a word to him.

The funniest part was that I don't even have a transportation fee with me because I thought that he will give me when I wanted to go back so I had to trek from there home which took me 30 minutes before I got home.

He has never shown such signs to me before if not I would have known what to do immediately the guy compliment me but he showed me the worse side of him which I didn't wait to see another part before breaking up with him.

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