As the sun rose on the horizon,it became clear what had happened, the noise, the screams and the screeching sound of tyres of the previous night made it obvious to a discerning mind that the outcome of the activities of the robbery gang will be massive.The previous day had started as a normal easy going day with everyone going about their normal activities.A lot may have started their day with a prayer asking for a fruitful and rewarding day.

The hot tropical sun baked the sand, the roads and ensured that everyone working sweats before he reaps.With the call to prayer by 1:30pm,it became clear that lunch was due for anyone who was yet to get a break.The Muslim call for prayers by 4pm ushered in the evening and as the sun was gradually hiding it's brightness,it became clear that the day's activities were wounding down.Unknown to many, the day was about to begin for a few and the outcome will have a knock on effect on the lives of those who will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.Since there's a time for everything,it was about to become a time to weep,a time to run for those who can,a time to scream if your voice will allow you,a time to pray and a time for fear.

Funny enough, the gang of robbers that came to the neighborhood may have also prayed just like everyone else before setting out for their operation that day but which god did they pray to because they had a measure of success that day before they were resisted.

The incident happened on a major road in my neighborhood.On most evenings, the setting is this:men both old and young will gather in front of a building playing drought.Some will encircle the players who are seated on a bench either cheering or mocking a player with sarcastic words.Due to the heat, some will pull off their shirts thus revealing their outsized protruding bellies.On the other side of the road will be people who are having a nice time gulping down bottles of beer as their reward for a hard day's work.Not far from them,a small group will be watching a football match of their favorite teams in Europe while those who had been held up in traffic on their way home from work will be heading home tired.

It was at this time when the road was busy that voices were heard alerting people to run for safety.For some,it will make sense to at least get a glimpse or know what they were running away from.For those who had the nerve to look, the sight they saw was of a group of boys walking as if they were on a prowl of the area.Their target, unknown.

Next,was the sound of gunshots that rant the air and the gang chorusly chanting "One Million Boys".If that was their identity one would think that they will number up to a million boys.Those who looked to see them described them as not being up to seventy in number but the name may have been chosen to portray them as a large crowd that will easily overpower any resistance.As to their ages, no one could dare ask but they were all teenagers.


Armed with marchetes,axes, guns, clubs etc.with the sole motive of inflicting harm and stealing whatever they desired.As traders were struggling to lock up their shops, the raids started.Shop after shop, they entered carting away valuables, money from the days sale and threatening to shoot or maim whoever was slow to corporate with them.As they robbed, they will call out to each other "Mopol, you don march here"? Meaning, comrade have you robbed this shop,this was to ensure that their operation was methodical and no shop will be exempted.

A new bakery has just opened on that road and it was run by a middle aged woman who happened to be a mother, the bread she sold was everyone's favorite because her recipe was unique.As some members of the gang approached her shop,her clients who were waiting outside had run away to seek cover from the robbers but she was right inside the bakery checking to see if the dough was cooked enough for sale.She was unaware of the happenings outside.In response to the noise she heard, she rushed out quickly parhaps thinking it must be her clients who may have become impatient.Little did she know that that will be her last steps in the bakery she owned.One of the boys gunned her down and made away with the money from her sales.

The police were alerted but before they could come much havoc has been done.For many who ran away,they didn't come back that night to their shops or their homes fear gripped everyone in the neighborhood.On sighting the policemen and others who have mobilized themselves to chase them away, the robbers fled.But,what about the baker?


Due to the shock,a lot of people locked themselves indoors waiting eagerly for the morning to come . The police met the baker in the pool of her blood she was already dead.By morning as people were checking on their neighbors,it was a time for many to count their losses,a time to grieve because our dear baker had been killed.As the day brightened and the sun rose on the horizon,it was a day to mourn because of the incident of the previous night

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