As humans we are not pure but we are walking towards perfection. God is pure. Jesus is pure and that helps us not to feel condemned by the devil as we walk in the consciousness of who we are in God.

Walking in purity frees you from the sting of guilt and condemnation. You can no longer be living in guilt when you know you have a Father that readily forgives. It's not an avenue to continue in sin because it means we are making a mockery of the salvation we have received.

Walking in purity is the doorway to supernatural encounter. The Bible make us understand that those of pure heart will see God. Humans may judge your actions but God sees your heart. Get your heart right and you will see God manifest.

Walking in purity also enhances spiritual and mental growth. It breaks you from the hold of addictions. There is nothing that can resist the power of God. It consistently drive you to stay in tune with the spirit and break away from the flesh.

How To Maintain Purity?

1. Being honest with yourself:

Search me and renew a right spirit within me...says the Psalmist. You need to accept your frailties and ask God for help. God helps us to do His Will. God is always willing to help. Do you want to be helped? Adopt the position of the person that needs help and watch God come through for you.

2. By making God's Word your standard:

God's Word is the standard. There is nothing that beats the Word of God and that's the template we should all be following. The world and it's standards would always be an obstacle. We need to make God's Word our focus and things would naturally work out well for us.

3. By keeping the right association:

We soon smell like the company we keep. Show me your friend they say... a person would remain the same except for two things...the books he reads and the association he keeps. Who you have around you would determine your growth or lack of it. Surround yourself with those who encourages and sees the positive in everything. They will show you possibilities and walk with you every step of the way.

4. Becoming accountable to a person of honour:

This is related to having the right association around you. There are people of honour and there are people with questionable characters, we need to learn how to maintain the standard by keeping the right association around us.

5. Regular communion with the Holy Spirit:

The Bible makes us understand that the Holy Spirit is our bespoke helper. We can do all things through the help of Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God helps us to stay in tune in the realm of the spirit and allows us to understand the heart of God and what's expected of us to do. That's why we can never be in the dark because the Bible makes us understand that our teacher will not be withdrawn to a corner - meaning we would never be without help or clarity or knowing what to do. The Holy Spirit helps us to be teachable.

6. By creating the right environment:

Our association and our environment determines a lot as to how we turn out and what we see. Our exposure is our reality. What we constantly see around us soon influence our decisions whether we like it or not and it determines what we see. Create the right atmosphere that would encourage you to like right as you have desired to. If the desire is lacking, it would be hard to.

What Fights Against Purity? - Enemies of Purity.

1. The world and it's corrupt systems:

There is even a debate going on now about God's gender. Isn't this madness? Now there is a debate about using a neutral gender to describe God. What has the world come to? It's scary how things are happening just to drive people away from God. The devil is aggressive in his approach and we have to take charge as Christians. When you take God away from the equation, there is always chaos.

2. Flesh and its lustful desires:

The flesh will always contend with the spirit. They are two lines that would always be at war with each other and there is no staying in between. You are either in line with the spirit or giving in to the flesh.

3. The devil and his evil schemes:

The devil knows his time is short. The devil is doing everything to throw confusion into the world. The devil is corny, full of trickery but not powerful. The devil is leading people with fear and confusion. It's all a matter of choice.

Purify won't occur automatically just because you are saved. You have to be intentional. You must take responsibility in order to function in purity. - 1 Corinthians 9:27

You can engage in every Christian service and still miss heaven but you cannot live holy and miss heaven. - Hebrews 12:14

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