Don't Allow Frustration To Affect Your Mental Health


Most times as we grow up from one level to another, many things seems to occupy our mind that we find it as a major challenges to our progress. As a result of this many of us turn to certain things in the society, sometimes frustration may occur in a place of work,inability to meet family demand,disappointment from confidants and friends,rejection in society due to lack of fund but with all this factors we don't need to believe is the end of life but we should always see it as a gateway to success. When you get rejection upon rejection on your hard work and people reject you and your work, then you will need to stay focused and make the best out from your challenges.

Everyone needs to understand that what we do in today journey matters and it's very important to our future success, we need to understand that the relationship between the past and the future is today, so we need to rise up with renewed strength, focus and self confidence to accomplish greater feats at the end of everything. Today is the only visible moment you have to correct mistakes of yesterday and plan ahead of tomorrow. Mistake can be corrected but only when we do it on time but the inability to realize our mistake on time, then definitely it may be too late for us to correct it tomorrow.

However, many people themselves down because the rejection they get from people yesterday and some people tie themselves down because of yesterday happiness but you don't need to tie yourself down with the happenings of yesterday that seems to be failed away, let us move on with realities of today. Although today might seems roughly and it can be tough to continue, but what you need to do is to put yourself up and face the reality of today. When you work on the majority and you forget to applause minority definitely it may be come back to hurt you tommorow in your journey of life.

Before I drop my pen for today, There are places where I go to as a motivational speaker, sometime when I feel despondent about the reality of today, when I feel unhappy and sad. I quickly go my mentor to give me a little knowledge on how to take care of the challenges, sometime I go to my diary, and above all, my mom where I always feel safe and drawn inspiration from, she will give me a motherly advise since my dad as pass away some years ago. Don't let it to late before you realize your mistake and take a correctives actions on time so that it will not affect your journey in the future times.

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