Neoxian City weekly paper - 2021-04-04


Welcome to the Neoxian City weekly

Welcome folks to your weekly installment of what's going down in the City of Neoxian. If you haven't already, come in and join us in our discord to see what the latest is.

Neoxag Diesel Pool Active.

šŸ²šŸ‰ Attention city people! Neoxian has created a diesel pool for neoxag! Woo!! Please check it out. You can help by adding liquidity to this pool.

You will need swap.hive and neoxag to do that, or just use it to do your neoxag trades. Pretty cool.

Watch out for our new server in the midst of censorship

In the words of Mr Dragon himself:

"Ok guys, this is important. I'm seriously considering leaving Discord for a more decentralized chat. So far the best candidate is called Element.

It is decentralized and open source, and features encrypted messaging. It has clients on android, apple and desktop (windows and Linux). I would encourage everyone to sign up and give this a try. My id there is I created a city chat:

Please join up and check it out."

post-promotion chat is reopened, but it's still good to use DLine.

For those that don't know, dline is

Make sure you are following @neoxian on dline

Citizen of the Month this week is @sayee

The citizen of the month is awarded on or after the 10th of the month.

Guild of Neoxian looking for new members

In the words of Mr Dragon himself,

"Had to kick two people out of the guild, they are still posting on Steem. I will not tolerate that. I'll take this as far as I need to go. If I have to shut the guild down, shut the city down, then I will do it."

The guild is looking for 4 more players. Mr Dragon will consider ts accounts.

delegate your workerbee to @neoxianminer.


We are running a hive engine witness node. Please don't forget to vote:

Please delegate your WORKERBEE to @neoxianminer if you would like to take part in our mining pool. The aim of this mining pool is to mine BEE whilst earning a little for the neoxian burn fund.

With the burn fund we will then buy back neoxag from the market and burn it.

You can use as per usual now. Neoxag is safe to deposit and tip

After several days of hard work from mr Dragon and the team, the neoxag tipping function is ready to go. You may deposit and tip as much (or as little) as you like.

Minetest is down for the time being

Sadly, because I, @raymondspeaks was struck down with covid at Christmas I let the minetest server lease lapse. However, it should be back up in a week or so.

Our Neoxian City School is now officially open to citizens

Want to learn to write better? How about kicking ass on Discord? Maybe you just want a few tips and tricks on something or other. Whatever your splice of thought I'm sure we have it at the school.

You have to be a citizen or over. This is top grade education stuff that you would otherwise have to pay for. Free, in our awesome city.

Please also ask for tutorials. It's better if I have an idea what you want rather than stabbing in the dark.

Enjoy :)

Get better votes by using the website!

Please remember to use our website, it doesn't cost you anything. By only using our tag there is a 20% levvy on your neoxag earnings.

The city is now located in Element chat

Please visit us in Element.

Element information:

My id there is
Neoxian city chat:

Where do you fit into the City of Neoxian?

A lot of people come here and get sucked into the friendliness of our server. Some people want to take on roles in the city, others just want to chat and have a good time. There's nothing wrong with either!

What we haven't seen many of though is those wanting to create new roles and responsibilities for themselves in Neoxian City. Our Dragonmaster Neoxian is always open to new ideas.

Do you have a special talent? Let us see! Come in and see if you can do something for us -- we encourage growth here. What benefits us, also benefits you.

We have already started a School, A minetest server, A banking service, games, and so much more.

What can you bring to us?

Curation Station!

Our curators regularly scour the whole of Neoxian to find the best and sometimes most undervalued work to send into planetary orbit with our humungous weighted curation trail. If you observe our tribe we have one of the best trending pages and that is because our administration team weight the trail down with their HUGE votes.

These are our picks:

Please note: We only support original content here.We will exact vengeance with extreme prejudice on plagiarists and spammers. So we want to see you unleash that creativity of yours. When you create you get better at what you do. When you plagiarise it is a wasted effort, and we don't like wastefulness or laziness here.

We also take our tags seriously. So please try and use the relevant tags as we will only vote on those with them. We won't be voting a picture of your cat with SPT for example. SPT is for Steemonsters.

Our best picks of the week will be featured on our weekly newspaper highlights.

Best picks of the week

Our First pick of the week is from @andrianna

Spring is the time of wonderful, delicate, flower portraits šŸŒø


Beautiful art work which represents the joy of spring season.

Curated by @sayee

Our next pick of the week is from @abbidex

Why do we fear failure?


Fear leads to failure. Do not let fear of failure stop you from successes, says Abbi.

Curated by @sayee

Our next pick of the week is from @karma-panorama

Manhole Cover Collection from Japan (5 pics)


The author shares beautiful photos of manholes that brighten up Japanese sidewalks.
Curated by @udezee

Our next pick of the week is from @craigcryptoking

The Glorious Blue-Gum Bonsai


The author gives us update on his bonsai gardening

Curated by @udezee

Our next pick of the week is from @jaynie

Pinchos & Pinot Noir at Ficks...


If you are a fan of cocktail and that even having it in a fascinating place, this post is for you šŸ˜‰

Curated by @rehan12

Our next pick of the week is from @shirahoshi

[Eng-Esp] Making a cell phone base from recycled material. -- Haciendo una base para celular con material reciclado.


How about making use of some recycled stuff and get to use them in our daily life.

Curated by @rehan12

Our next pick of the week is from @taskmaster4450

Crypto Success: We All Must Become Venture Capitalists


the author talks about the growth in holding cryptocurrency

Curated by @burlarj

Our next pick of the week is from @bala41288

Electric vehicle business is the next big thing


The world keeps advancing in a way that is overwhelming, the author talks about how electric cars will be the new thing in the future

Curated by @burlarj

Our next pick of the week is from @mindtrap

Just because they never believed in you, it doesn't mean that they don't need to know...Our lonely ride.


@mindtrap brings up some good points and offers interesting & insightful food for thought.

Curated by @thereikiforest

Our next pick of the week is from @kaelci

Just Another Garden Update!


Spring is here and it's always a delight to see new gardeners grow & their gardens flourish. Here's a lovely update from @kaelci.

Curated by @thereikiforest

Our next pick of the week is from @scubahead

Living on a Boat but Still Need Water! - Tamworth UK


Beautiful town of Tameworth. Living on water comes with its own challenges. It so easy to sit and fantasize from the outside. But still an intriguing way of life.

Curated by @xabi

Our next pick of the week is from @jordangerder

Crypto Art: Gold Ethereum


That is actually some really nice digital work. Ethereum is on fire as of now, a fact that makes the golden Ethereum lady really look more awesome.

Curated by @xabi

This is our weekly edition of NeoxianCity Newspaper. We would like to congratulate all the featured Authors. keep up the high-quality original content-generating work.

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