Dear Hive, I am now a Splinter millionaire

Hello all,

My collection of Splinterlands cards is now valued at over 1 million dollars, making me a SplinterMillionaire! This is incredible. To think that some collection of silly gaming cards can be worth so much, but this is the magic of Splinterlands.

Could there be a pullback? Sure it's possible, but the bullishness behind this game is insane. I consider it the Bitcoin of NFT games, and that should be high praise. As an experienced crypto dragon, who has been here before most of you had any idea what crypto even was, this is the only NFT game I have put any serious weight behind, and it hasn't disappointed.

Yep! This is a bragging post! Ho ho ho! Play Spliterlands! It's a fun game. And maybe one day you'll be good enough to join my amazing guild.

May the fortunes of battle be with you!

(official picture of my in-game persona from Splinterlands art)

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