An act of kindness in Pakistan

Neo-Care is all about giving to the needy and it is not limited to one country alone. Hive as a crypto has more use cases than any other and that is now proved with the help of @neo-care

Our first project was in Nigeria, completed with the help of @nkemakonam89 and all those who donated became a part of this holy act of kindness and love. It was heartwarming to read that the children prayed for the well-being of all who donated.

The second project was for India and Pakistan. A total of 155 Hive was divided equally between the two volunteers @aamirijaz and @inuke
Inuke has bought 31 blankets and is all set to donate it along with other food stuff.

@aamirijaz the kind person that I know doubled this amount from his own pocket and bought a lot of items and donated it to the Edhi home. Below is the list and the bill as proof.

Edhi Homes & Orphanage Centres
Edhi Foundation has set-up 18 homes all over Pakistan (seven homes are running at Karachi). As a whole, 8500 younger boys and girls including elder ladies and gents have been accommodated in 18 homes. Among them, are abandoned and orphan boys and girls, mentally retarded and physical disabled, as well as for the shelter-less and helpless male and female people are living in these exclusive Edhi homes. Besides, the tortured women in the aftermath of domestic violence also reside there.

Number of Edhi homes which have been established at different cities of Pakistan are stated here as—Karachi 7, Multan 1, Lahore 3, Islamabad 1, Peshawar 1, Quetta 1, and Chitral 1. The residents in the Edhi homes are numbered at 8500

That's Aamir who kindly consented to do all this for free besides doubling the donation. Neo Care needs people like him, for sure. This is what donation and charity are all about. Life should not be about just talking about one's own achievements or displaying wealth. Let us all find time to do such work for the welfare of others who are not so well off.

You can make time if you have the heart to do it. Otherwise, it's all just an excuse.

All images belong to @aamirijaz

Hopefully, we can publish the India report by next week.


We are hoping to select Ghana for the next project and it will be volunteered by Rubilu @rubilu
So, if you are willing to donate one hive or hbd or more, please send it to @neo-care

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